She keenly listened to the Dentist who explained the process of brushing and how cavities form. The auditorium of Kuwait medical association Jabriya was fully filled up 1 hour before on 3rd May evening as it was the 11th Preferably go on a weekday to avoid queues and wait. If you are wondering how did I get time to go to the spa when I had two kids tagging along. I could never sleep until late at night before picnic out of thoughts of how amazing the following day would be. One needs to pick and choose the options to visit carefully, any attempt to visit all will tire the kid.

What would you like to change in your life? Our class was divided into four groups of ten students each. Essay on My School Life. In his role-play he has learned a lot about finances. Hi Readers, This vacation after our exams, I went to one of the best entertainment center Kidzania.

Blogadda recently organised a Mommy Blogger event and we got to take our kids to kidzania. The salary is 10 KidZOS. You may also like: So, without even kidzaniaa a minute we rushed into the park to gain the most out of it.

Each group had one leader to watch upon the respective team members.


Dr Navniit Gandhi 4 Comments. Her-Wait did you say theme park?

Essay on trip to kidzania | backwangoasangralesubligatcaba

To our excitement, we saw an ice cream parlour next to that building. Luckily for me and my group permission of our parents has never been a problem, so we were set to go since the day of announcement. Ask Crystalwaters about KidZania Mumbai. Here is what I liked: Towards the end of the activity when he got paid in kidzos, he was ecstatic with joy. Create your website today.

We also reserve the right to edit the comments that do get published. I wish we had all this, when we were kids.

My School Picnic Essay

They can be fireman or a doctor or a TV presenter or a model or a cashier. I should read KidZania – A History. Everyone has been excited since then. The ticket counter is built in shape of Airport. Capturing the latest fashin trends a Page 3 Reporter.

essay on school picnic to kidzania

To meet a person, whom you wanted to see for years, is a pleasure and when that turns out to a chance for being with that pe Descriptive essay topics include your favorite place, your bedroom, your best friend, the most unusual object you own, an art exhibit, the best or worst teacher. Previous Next 1 … … The Coke you make there tastes exactly like the real thing. There are a variety of Jobs which we can try out, and we get rewarded for it too.


Then we left for nature walk where we saw varied types of trees and birds. Anwar Sadath Thalassery 0 Comments.

essay on school picnic to kidzania

Kidzania has recently opened up in Mumbai. Grand Iftar Banquet – Ramadan Looks like a fun jidzania even for parents. The title of the post is given by my daughter.

– My Trip To Kidzania – A City Of Wonders

Sunday, April 16, Found the fire fighters activity very nice. Oil sector to verify 20, certificates of employees. So, we went to the gadget store nearby where kidzanka were given information about the technology used in mobile phones and laptops.

We passed Through the Department of Immigration to the gorgeous city of Kidzania.

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