All this means that you can enjoy impeccable musical playing under all driving conditions without having to fiddle with the controls. When it locates one and correctly identifies a secret code transmitted by radio, it automatically opens the door. Another important phone function is to act as a support for emergency calls to the contact centre in Arese. Some of these settings, so important for comfort, are already available on the Thesis specification. The on-board environment When they developed the Lancia Thesis, our engineers and designers set themselves the task of surrounding driver and passengers with technological systems that can guarantee maximum safety and the highest standards of comfort coupled with plenty of well-being.

The system offers many functions including automatic volume correction as a function of car speed. That kind of road testing is, in the end, rather pointless except to say that the Thesis, could in extremis, make a good fist of getting you from Zurich to Lausanne decisively ahead of schedule, even if you avoided the motorways. Both the grille and the headlamps are set amidst quite large expanses of unadorned metal work. These devices use the luggage compartment as a sound box and feature a higher power output than conventional woofers. CONNECT uses speaker independent mode to analyse a command received by the microphone in accordance with a model that operates independently of the speaker’s sex, tone of voice or inflection. When the car is parked with the roof closed, the energy produced by the cells supplies the air conditioning system fan.

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The system offers realistic reproduction with crystal clear high notes and full, rich bass tones. The phone features a top-quality Full Duplex hands-free function that allows the phone call to be heard through the radio speakers. Plus headlamps that come on automatically when you drive into a tunnel; windscreen wipers that come on by themselves when it starts to rain – and proximity sensors that aid parking manoeuvres.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

They are also so easy and satisfying to use that any driver can handle a great saloon like the Lancia Thesis with ease and panache. For all interested I can provide the full refubrishment and next week I should have also some refubrished units for sale.


The system was developed by Mannesmann-Sachs and takes the form of 6 sensors that determine relative speed between body and wheels in order to choose the optimum damping force to be provided by each individual shock absorber. The car comes fitted as standard with a Skyhook so-called because it allows the car to move as though it were suspended from the sky.

It is not a surprise to me, being an owner: The Lancia Thesis 3.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

Its best feature seemed to lanxia you could stand up with your head out of the sunroof and let it park itself.

Think of it like this: The route is shown in different shades according to the importance of the roads. It is positioned in the middle of the facia so that it can be used easily by the passenger and is visible even to those seated behind. The driver is notified if the fuel level falls below the reserve mark in oancia case too.

A similar procedure is used to adjust the specific position assumed by the right-hand rear view mirror whenever reverse is engaged to facilitate parking manoeuvres.

The fog lamps turn off automatically together with the other lights controlled by the sensor: The size is perfect and it is remarkably smooth. The two litre engines, for example, are absolutely outstanding when compared with other engines of the same capacity offered by the competition. I enjoyed your review.

Lancia thesis skyhook problem

Travel in silence Great care thessis been taken over the acoustic insulation of the Lancia Thesis. Bad surfaces are simply ignored by the Thesis while changes in direction do not provoke annoying body roll. These come on automatically when the doors are unlocked using the remote control.

Then labcia are in contact with one of the operators employed at the Contact Centre in Arese. A circuit made up of six equalisers also ensures an excellent automatic electronic balance of all output frequencies, great stability and clarity of tone throughout the audio range.


2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 Review

And yes, for those looking for ultimate confort, choosing Thesis over S-line Audi or sports s,yhook BMW would have been wise decision…. All this adds up to lashings of comfort, warmth and quality.

For starters, eight airbags including two multistage bags; five three-point seat-belts with pretensioners except the central rear seat and load limiters except the central rear seatfive head-restraints and an FPS Fire Prevention System. When you select the automatic closure option Autoclosethe system waits until it knows that the user has got out and moved away i.

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In other words, a 5 cylinder engine with the smooth running of a six cylinder and the fuel consumption of a four cylinder unit. Seat heating controls are options on all versions. Because they emit a shade that is closer to white light, they also ensure improved visibility soyhook though the level of illumination remains the same.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

While still remembering to give the result of a match played by your favourite team. In order to compute the route, the system needs the map disc to be inserted in the audio CD player. These few minutes are all you need to see the garage door or garden gate in the dark. The Teleassistance service allows customers to contact the Contact Centre, which provides the number of kilometres covered by the car and suggests check-ups required by the Brand.

The padding and shape make both armchairs look as though they would be more in place in your lounge at home. The Lancia Thesis has taken a decisive leap forward in this field and offers an unparalleled infotelematic array:

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