Communication between the MDT and the parents enables joint decisions concerning the care of the child. We are always learning from each other. A lot of parents react with shock and refuse to accept diagnosis which can lead to uncertainty and fear about the extent of the disability. If a child under the age of sixteen lacks the capacity to consent, consent can be given on their behalf, by any one person with parental responsibility or by the court The DOH, Comment by Gill Phillips – Whose Shoes? Comment by Viv Bennett posted on on 28 September Thank you so much for your rapid and supportive response.

Comment by Colette O’Kane posted on on 13 December Gaskin also stated that social exclusion was seen in the form of play, when people with CP were put in mainstream schools, as their disability limited their ability to do the majority of tasks. Comment by Dee Harley posted on on 06 December What would you say about the opinion that the 6 Cs are natural attributes of those drawn to care work, and that to remind nurses of them in an official statement could be seen as an insult? Skip to main content. In the work which CNO and I jointly developed, we asked many nurses, midwives and care and support workers to describe key attributes of excellence in care.

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6cs of nursing essay

Some children may also still have problems with speech and language and may feel isolated. The resulting anger at medical staff due to nursibg of poor treatment can lead to difficulties in accepting abnormal motherhood and the inability to fulfil societal expectations of what is perceived as a healthy child. Reddihough et al, indicated that those with CP have lower educational level, higher unemployment, are more likely to be living with parents, be single, and have limited financial resources.

It nursibg the opinion of Nieuwenhuijsen et al, that all of the above, in addition to, speech and language therapists, neurologists and dieticians should be involved in the MDT support network. Comment by nwaterman posted on on 18 October The 6Cs are only a small element of the Compassion in Practice strategy and are not intended as a panacea in themselves. Loss of strength and contractures, overuse syndromes, chronic pain, fatigue, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are also prevalent in the adult CP population and bursing common factors in the loss of mobility, self-care, and daily 6ce over time Gage et al, Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.


Cerebral Palsy can be caused by infection in early pregnancy, a difficult or premature birth, bleeding in the baby brain or abnormal brain development in the baby. 6s

Essay: Using the 6Cs (MDT) in the management of Cerebral Palsy (CP) – Essay UK Free Essay Database

The Francis Report made recommendations to prevent these failures in the future Francis, Comment by Joi posted on on 29 December Comment by Viv Bennett posted on on 28 September Many thanks for the rapid and supportive responses. Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered 6ce time.

Dee – Take a look at Viv’s latest blog – ‘Compassion in practice: The 6Cs should be seen as anchor points with which to cross-check the work we do and the initiatives and policies we develop and to ensure they are aligned to those values and behaviours we all recognise and hold dear but that modern life sometimes means we 6ds take our eye off.

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Adults with CP ordinarily participate less in social interactions, employment, marriage, and independent living according to Liptak, I will be encouraging all of my students to follow you both on twitter and to get in on the conversations whatever their viewpoint.

At the time of diagnosis there are lots of members of the MDT involved with the intention of providing the best care and support to the individual possible. In addition, Gaskin, stated that children experienced feelings of inferiority and indifference when placed in mainstream school, which made it difficult for them to create and maintain friendships.

In several studies, a discontinuity of care was reported when young adults with physical disabilities entered adulthood and a diminished contact with health care was reported after leaving school Beecham et al, ; Sy et al, For Twitter people or those thinking of tweeting — I am vivjbennett and it would be great if you would like to follow me.


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The MDT must communicate effectively, be decisive and courageous in their decisions and offer informative and honest advice to families involved in the car of bursing child or adult suffering from the disease.

The DOH aims to embed these values 6Cs in all nursing, midwifery and caregiving settings throughout the NHS and social care in order to improve care for patients.

6cs of nursing essay

As to whether they are natural attributes — people have different views and perhaps different thoughts on each of the 6Cs — so for instance we can definitely teach competence and communication skills but this needs to nuursing based on values about care esssay compassion.

They may find it difficult to write due to fluctuations in tone. There are six action areas for the strategy being worked on, one of which Action Area 4 is about building and strengthening leadership.

6cs of nursing essay

I love the kf Cs approach to transformation. If a child of sixteen or seventeen is incompetent to make a particular decision, then a person with parental responsibility can make that decision on their behalf, although the child should still be involved as much as possible in the decision making process as laid out by The DOH, I have been on some fantastic visits to see you work from clinics to construction sites and hope to be invited to more interesting health-promoting places.

Nurses are present to help with medication management, physiotherapists to analyse movement and to help parents understand expected changes as well as teach parents and children how to maximise their function. In 30 years of nursing this is the first time Nrusing have ever felt that I can directly contribute to and influence 6ccs way that nursing develops in the future because the nurses at the top are reaching out to the profession in such a direct and accessible way.

Please read our privacy notice to see how the GOV. I’ll be talking about them here soon. The response was largely very nrusing and thus the final 6Cs were adopted.

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