These areas are separated by their function in vision. LM was to follow the path of a wire mounted onto a board with her right index finger. LM and other patients have also complained of having trouble following conversations, because lip movements and changing facial expressions were missed. MRI of the brain: If a few squares were moving opposite and orthogonal to the predominant direction, her performance on both direction and axis fell to chance. Functional MRI of lateral occipitotemporal cortex during pursuit and motion perception. Accepted Mar

Only the first reported case by Ziel et al and our patient reported invisibility of moving objects. Equivalent current dipoles calculated from the MEG spikes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Background Motion blindness, which is also called akinetopsia, has only been described in a very few cases 1—5 in which patients could not see the movement of objects. Although TD had some impairments of lower visual functions, these could not explain the problems she experienced with regard to motion perception. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a patient who showed persistent motion blindness with a right unilateral lesion, and only the second one with clinically apparent motion blindness, whose symptoms were similar to those of the first reported case. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry ;

At age 61, he was referred to our department.

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In qkinetopsia, akinetopsia can present as an epileptic seizure. Visual sensitivity to motion: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. She was able to detect motion in both patterns, but reported motion aftereffect in only 3 of the 10 trials for the stripes, and no effect for the rotating spiral.


Although radiotherapy was performed to the AVM at our hospital, it did not result in the complete obstruction of the nidus. In neuropsychological findings, he had left hemispatial neglect, dressing apraxia and anosognosia did not recognise his hemiparesis and hemianopia, even after he had a minor car accident.

Invisibility of moving objects: a core symptom of motion blindness

Lesions studu often cause gross akinetopsia. A right-handed Japanese man in his 60s left-handed in childhood suffered left hemiparesis and numbness in the left side of the body while driving a car, and was admitted to the hospital.

The right temporal spikes on EEG had disappeared. If a few squares were moving opposite and orthogonal to the predominant direction, her performance on both direction and axis fell to chance.

Akinefopsia of movement in the inner and outer visual fields was tested. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry ; He found the ball by the sound of it falling to the ground. For example, he could not see the landscape going by from the train window but could see the one when the train stopped.

akinetopsia case study

Motion aftereffect of vertical stripes moving in a horizontal direction and a rotating spiral were tested. She also never reported any impression of motion in depth of the spiral. Akinetopsia through lesions is rare, because damage to the occipital lobe usually disturbs more than one visual function. Inconspicuous akinetopsia can be triggered by high doses of certain antidepressants [12] with vision returning to normal once the dosage is reduced.


When the blocks moved at 24 degrees per second, TD consistently reported the exact opposite direction casee the actual movement. One patient had transient akinetopsia in her bilateral visual fields caused from unilateral right hemispheric lesions.


He frequently commented to his wife that he could not “see anything going on”. Visual disturbances and blindness Agnosia Visual perception Neuropsychology Dementia. B Nineteen days after bypass surgery, the lesion extended in the anterior and posterior directions, but remained limited to the right temporoparietal subcortex. Further evidence and follow up observations.

Ina year-old man complained of the inability to perceive visual motion following a traumatic brain injury, two years prior, in which a large cedar light pole fell and struck his head.

Speed of movement was varied from 2, 4.

akinetopsia case study

Accepted Mar Although this disappeared several years later, at age 58, cae began to have another visual symptom by which smooth movements of objects suddenly appeared, resembling freeze frames in a motion picture. Instead of seeing vision as a cinema reel, these patients have trouble perceiving gross motion.

Magnetic resonance imaging CISS. Evidence from unilateral cerebral brain damage. He recognised an object and caught it when the object remained still.

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At age 46, a cerebral arteriovenous malformation AVM in the right parietal lobe was discovered. LM’s impression akinetopzia movement depended on the direction of the movement horizontal vs verticalthe velocity, and whether she fixated in the center of the motion path or tracked the object with her eyes. NOH and HY were involved in drafting of the manuscript.

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