There are more courses offered during the Fall Semester than during the Spring Semester If the catalogue for a future semester is not published yet, you may assume that the offer will be similar to that of the previous year Most courses for exchange students are offered in the third year of the Bachelor’s and in the first year of the Master’s Programs Some courses, such as Engineering Tools, Laboratory Practice, Focus Project, Workshop Training and Industrial Internship are not available to exchange students due to space limitations In addition, incoming students may not attend the compulsory courses from the first two years of study 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters. Navigation Area Current Subcategory: The Chair of Micro and Nanosystems, Prof. When sand behaves like oil Sand, coffee grounds and rice behave very differently than water or oil. Teams of 3 to 8 students work during two semesters on the realisation of a product. Open all Close all.

For more information, read the ETH information on plagiarism. Subjects for the thesis are listed by the D-MAVT professors, or, alternatively, may be individually agreed upon. Navigation Area Admission Current Subcategory: You will extensively use estimation theory and trade parameters like robustness and efficiency. The name and function of an experienced and qualified person at the external institution who supervises the student at the external institution.

External thesis projects – Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering | ETH Zurich

Development of well- defined catalyst nanoparticles utilizing apoferritin nano-bio-cages for synthesis of SWNTs with tailored characteristics. Electives increase theoretical and methodological aspects of fundamental knowledge. Optical and electrical characterization bachelo thermal actuators used for tensile loading of suspended carbon nanotube resonators. Process Technology and Integration Lecturers: At the same time, the submission deadline has to be defined.


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Focus Project Teams of 3 to 8 students work during two semesters on the realisation of a product. In the 5th and 6th semester, the students may choose among the Engineering Tools-courses that are marked as IV and V.

A Focus Coordinator is responsible for each Focus Specialization.

bachelor thesis mavt ethz

Language of instruction The language of instruction at Bachelor level is German only in the fifth and sixth semester certain courses are taught in English.

The courses take place as block courses in the afternoons of the first semester week.

Studying at ETH Zurich – Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering | ETH Zurich

tehz Researchers at ETH have developed a new 3D printing technique by which objects made of several metals can be produced with high spatial resolution. The presentation date and report deadline have to be arranged in this meeting.

Jacopo Tani, Andrea Censi. For more information, read the ETH information on plagiarism. Taming flicker noise in carbon nanotube sensors. Contact persons and a list of study topics is to be found here.

If possible, the supervisor attends the Department Conference in order to answer potential questions. Learning Control PDF, 1.

bachelor thesis mavt ethz

All info events and presentations. This year’s Master’s Graduation Ceremony took place on 10 May At the end the student can present his poster not mandatory to the micro and nanosystems group. Determination of bundles and individual SWNT as well as their chiral indices and quality. The Etz in Mechanical Engineering provides students with a solid foundation in theoretical knowledge.


bachelor thesis mavt ethz

Videos and photos now online! Request to extend thesis submission deadline: The training must be completed, rthz the latest, before submitting the request for the Bachelor’s Degree. Understanding, modeling and reducing flicker noise by exploiting correlations existent in this type of stochastic processes. Custom Projects From time to time, project supervisors will develop custom student research projects to fit with a student’s particular interests or skills.

Thermal actuators for suspended carbon nanotube resonators. AMIV publishes study documents, infos about events and jobs for you here.

The aim of the training is to gain practical experience in production of components as well as knowledge and understanding of materials and their machining and finishing.

Information on the registration process and deadlines may be found here. The first year examination is assessed based on the weighted average of the results from the various areas of examination: Students are introduced to the basics of independent scientific research and are able to summarize and to present the results efficiently.

Further details regarding the placement can be found here.

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