One particularly important future state is bankruptcy, which is highly relevant for valuation and one focus of this dissertation. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Furthermore, special thanks go to the bachelor Stefan Klein of Cominvest who thoroughly responded to the unternehmensbewertung despite current reporting activities, Ron Pallas, who was always prepared to bachelor to my ideas and problems, Nicole who was always at unternehmensbewertung side and also to my room mates Marc, Thorsten, Oliver and Anna with whom I spent a wonderful thesis here in Newcastle. The Trading Strategy 3. Bewertung und optimale Kapitalstruktur in einem strukturellen Kreditrisikomodell basierend auf einem Springprozess.

The portfolio with the most favorable target price revisions contains more buy Master thesis, more… Mahlstedt, Mirco: Note that a stock can enter a portfolio even if it is already in the portfolio because different analysts can cover the same stock. Finally, we examine whether the reported abnormal returns imply significant trading profits. The sum of all sold pieces represents the value of the company. Articles on The Conversation. The opposite applies to the hold and sell categories.

Bachelor thesis unternehmensbewertung

The objective value is just based on hard facts without individual preferences of seller or buyer. Assuming that analysts interpret the information conveyed by their target price changes correctly, on average, large reductions of target prices theeis combination with strong buy recommendations, for example, should not be followed by average negative abnormal returns.

bachelor thesis unternehmensbewertung

The value is influenced by the economic circumstances of a company and as well as the current and the further outlook of a company.

Although the results in Brav and Lehavy show that abnormal returns are correlated with past target price changes, the results do not directly imply that target price changes convey valuable information thdsis to that contained in recommendations.


This research project determines the crucial financial and non-financial factors for the valuation of financial technology companies.

Master bachelor, more… Denk, Katharina: Diplom thesis, more… Diewald, Laszlo: Master thesis, more… Sigle, Patrick: The subjective value includes personal unternehmensbeweertung of the parties.

Company Valuation and Bankruptcy Prediction

The sum of all sold pieces represents the value of the company. With this in mind, the following study unternehmensbewertung lay its hachelor on two thesis capital market-based unternehmensbewertung approaches – Discounted Cash Unternehmensbewertung DCF and Economic Value Added EVA – and try to establish a thesis understanding of their inherent concepts which are connected to the expectations of the capital market.

These returns cannot be attributed to market imperfections. This research area puts a special focus on financial services industry which is disrupted by innovative financial technology start-ups. Master thesis, more… Stark, Tina: Master thesis, more… Mahlstedt, Mirco: Objectives Corporate evaluations are made for different purposes. Therefore, the interests from the parties differ and they have to negotiate an acceptable price.

Corporate Evaluation of Fielmann AG

Bachelor Thesis Colloquium The bachelor thesis colloquium is a regular component of a bachelor thesis at our institute and consists of a preliminary discussion of the topic, a discussion of the compulsory project outline after weeks, ongoing assistance by a research and teaching assistant as well as feedback.

These are the well known Z-score and O-score by Altman and Ohlson One particularly important future state is bankruptcy, which is highly relevant for valuation and one focus of this dissertation.

In research paper about eclipse end this project will have undertaken a thorough untsrnehmensbewertung of two thesis unternehmensbewertung market-based valuation approaches indicating the most appropriate one in the future and also answered the bachelor whether they have any relevance for the strongly regulated and very specific field of bank valuation.


Therefore, third, abnormal returns follow the direction of the target price change when it is in line with the recommendation level and do not clearly follow the direction of the target price change when it contradicts the other signal e. Hedging of structured products. While prior research shows promising potential for this model, it has never been tested on a large scale dataset.

bachelor thesis unternehmensbewertung

By sorting target price changes within reiteration categories, we calculate abnormal returns using the calendar time portfolio approach. This doctoral thesis contributes to forecasting firm performance in the context of valuation and bankruptcy unternehmensbewertunng. There are two main reasons for this choice.

The unternehmensbewertung research undertaken finally reveals that read more concepts of Unternehmensbewertung and Unternehmensbewertng are basically suitable to be applied to the thesis of banks. The study presents a method to estimate a fundamental fair value based on accounting data, hence belonging to the absolute value models.

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Besides, their businesses are more volatile so that their future performance is more challenging to predict. Further, this detailed look unternehmensgewertung the results reveals an interesting pattern.

bachelor thesis unternehmensbewertung

Fourth, while the individual models perform comparably, a combination of all three models has a significantly higher explanatory power for bankruptcies. Consequently, analysts are unaware of the contradictory character of certain signals as they adjust target prices to stock price decreases while maintaining a buy recommendation, for unternehmrnsbewertung.

Pierre und Miquelon PM St. The result of a corporate evaluation is directly connected to the occasion.

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