Today I become accountable to someone other than myself and my parents. You should see the bridesmaid dresses. Derek was supposed to do this but he got pulled into something so, I said I’d give it to you. So the ER’s fun but I’m not? I’m here for you Izzie. I mean for you to hear me. I’m gonna get started now.

He got you a colon. I should have slept with David. It was your ceiling fan, above your bed. You look gorgeous without it. Yeah, it’s also the morphine. You still look good. I’m working in the ER because I need the money.

beccas graduation speech greys anatomy

Because, I thought that we had something. I can’t get enough of it, it’s fun.

I wanna catch the bouquet. Browse all our free movies and TV series. The paramedics haven’t brought her in yet, but as soon as they do I’ll let you know.

Becca´s graduation speech on Grey´s Anatomy 5×23 What a Difference a Day Makes – Series & TV

But, ok, if it’s that small how are you gonna get to it? But, you can’t be that exhausted if you’re working in the ER anqtomy your day off. But, I like the girl who has the sandwiches. Told me to do what I had to do. If you’re just making the rounds on girl surgeons, then I think you oughtta know that I Beccae all the times I didn’t ask for you, you were here.


beccas graduation speech greys anatomy

You’re supposed to be at the church. All my life I’ve been just me. Starting today, my gregs is to show up wide eyed and willing and ready. You know how much I wanna be there.

Becca´s graduation speech on Grey´s Anatomy 5×23 What a Difference a Day Makes

A wedding not wasted on two people who don’t appreciate weddings. Kisses her on the forehead I’ll check on you later. Best wedding present ever! It’s the regular days, the ones that start out normal. It’s not the biggest day of my life.

What a Difference a Day Makes

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Masters of the Graxuation. Well, I don’t know how she would have felt about me getting married. So, you should do it. Edit Storyline A car crash involving students going to their college graduation takes its toll on the residents in the ER, Derek’s wedding gift is uniquely suited for Meredith – even if the oversight is not.


Grey’s Quotes – 5×22 – What a difference a day makes – I promise to love you

We both knew D-Day was coming. No, this dress is not for me.

beccas graduation speech greys anatomy

Quotes – 5×22 Izzie: I mean, it makes sense. I mean, our life together should be the present. Mer, Derek loves you.

It’s gonna be perfect. Or shave of your eyebrows to numb you into submission?

I had to be here early anyway, to run the ER, so And you know why? Do you just wanna end this?

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