Our Raising Standards Leaders aim to raise standards in all areas of school life but especially in teaching and learning as it relates to the year group they are responsible for. Here, you can see us ordering them. We have been using resources to help us develop our understanding. Twitter; for their aspiration and for the pride they show in their work and their school. He answered all our questions about baptism, death and marriage.

To wrap up our unit on forces, we threaded straws onto string, taping balloons to the straw and watching them fly along the route! All students who are members of our extra-curricular ensembles will be invited to perform at selected events throughout the year. Here is one of our very own creators of the items demonstrating how these items could be worn by a bishop. We then used them to write snazzy sentences. He answered all our questions about baptism, death and marriage. Retelling stories of Jesus’ Mission. The cross can be worn around his neck to symbolise his pursuit of walking in Jesus’ footsteps.

Our departments run a number of extra curricular clubs. He also leads and manages our Chaplaincy team.

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Mr Miller is responsible for achievement and quality assurance for Years We will also be running a “daily mile” on Mondays, Cardinnal and Wednesdays, so be prepared for some very active children! View and Log on to Firefly. The ring albeit a bit smaller symbolises his relationship to Jesus and his commitment to love Jesus all his life. Writing Over the last half term, we have been working on our letter writing using key tools, such as expanded noun phrases and similes to add emotion to our work.


What our school can do: Below, you can see year 5 in their bright outfits, posing with their dance instructor. Playing the amazing musical instruments.

Cardinal Newman Catholic The mixed catholic school is based in Hove, school show my homework.

cardinal newman hove homework

We are so excited for the year ahead – here are some things you might want to know: What is one important thing you can tell the class about Ancient Greece? The mitre can be worn on his head to symbolise the authority of the Bible and the Church.

We were overjoyed to have some grandparents visit us at hoemwork this week!

Show my homework cardinal newman catholic school hove

Welcome back to the new term in Year 5. Where Brighton falls compared to other cities: Newman Voices — Mondays Welcome to a new year of Year 5! In grammar this week, we worked with irregular past tense verbs. To learn about all the symbols associated with the bishop, some of our children made four of his garbs.

They joined us for reading and re-enacting our class book, as well as playing basketball! Please help your child to learn each week’s spellings at home. This can be done during homework club on Monday. Well done to all careinal


Show my homework cardinal newman catholic school hove

Christmas celebrations To celebrate the end of the first term, we made decorations, ate delicious food and watched a ndwman film. We went there to learn about how different churches prayed, and they thoroughly amazed us with their hospitality and insight into worship and prayer. What a treat today was!

cardinal newman hove homework

I am sure you are prepared to have us come back into the 21st century with lots of new experiences from Victorian times! Hill and Miss Hill Click here for the: Sports clubs take place after school every day from 3.

Fractions Practice Enwman are encouraging children to practice their fractions over the half term- a lovely way is this website.

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If you have any hkmework or queries about this website, please contact the website administrator: The History Department runs the following after school clubs: This month, we are learning Shona. Below, you can see some of what we did.

Years 4 and 5 PSHE.

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