They celebrate the occasion with great joy. People from different villages come to Longleng in order to participate in the festival where in folk dance and other entertainment programmes are organized. Agricultural backwardness breaks economic stability. There are five different dialects spoken within the community and phom is the common language. Most marriages are conducted by the parents in view of social and economic status.

Christian Missionary has succeeded in spreading the Christian religion and at the same time they have inculcated the value of education. From 18 April to 13 May, British and Indian reinforcements counter-attacked to drive the Japanese from the positions they had captured. For this purpose, the old system of education under which a pupil could prosecute his studies from the lowest to the highest class was altered. The inhabitations of the people are scattered over 12 towns and villages in Arunachal Pradesh. After , few schools were opened in rural areas of Phom community by the state government.

Type of houses and number of rooms varies according to the economic condition of the people. Before the introduction of British education, indigenous education was given higher importance from early time to colonial era.

This is a brief account of social aspect in the pn areas in particular. It is observed that there is lack of sincerity among students also there is lack of guidance of the parents.

This is unique to a culture or society.

There was no law among the people. Boys from any house of the village were permitted and received the lesson; there was no discrimination in terms of socio-economic status of the family. Making of clothes, basket and mat weaving, etc.


Universities at first did no teaching or research; they britisbers conducted examinations and gave out degrees. A possible indicator of Mutaguchi’s aspirations [was the inclusion of the INA]. Bbritishers features of these dance forms are not put in any literature, but these are handed down from generation to generation. Each and every tribe have their own distinct culture, tradition, customs, festivals, values, norms etc.

case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Lot of diversities exist in dance forms, musical instruments, etc. Aftter is considered to be a identification index of the background of the Phom people.

case study on the field of education in nagaland after coming of the britishers

Pages containing London Gazette template with parameter supp set to y Use dmy dates from July Coordinates on Wikidata. The need for education has been felt as such the people went on with the higher education plan and came up with a College in the district headquarter.

History of education in the Indian subcontinent – Wikipedia

Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Views Read Edit View history. Phom Lempong a private NGO te the name of PBCA and religious organization is running a high school; orphan hostel; conducting training, seminars and workshops, motivate and educate the Phom youths. Tools used The following are the tools used for the present study 1. Clark whereas the first school in phom area, the first school was established inat Tamlu by the British Gorkha Troops in which Alphabets and numbers were taught in Assamese medium.

Arunachal is acknowledged to be one of the most splendid and multilingual area of the world. Among the Phom tribe there is a tradition of naming the new born child on the sixth day. Examples of royal patronage include construction of buildings under the Rastrakuta dynasty in CE.

Battle of Kohima

Thus the average literacy rate being As the people of Arunachal Pradesh are segregated into three cultural groups, each group practices its own religion.


The Madras Medical College opened inand admitted women so that they could treat the female population who traditionally shied away from medical treatments under qualified male professionals. The traditional bamboo dance performed by women while men sit on the ground and beat bamboo sticks against each othercalled cheraw. It is known fact that Culture is the rich heritage of the society accomplished and accumulated over the ages.

Observation technique for pilot study. Restricting only to the indigenous system of education prevailed in hill areas it is found that a variety of dormitories existed in the NES of India as presented in Table 3.

Archived from the original on 10 May Mizoram Mizos had a novel way of making their men. Phom community have come across Morung stage for a long period followed by modern education since s. The investment so far has not been commensurate with the actual needs to unable the state to reach the take-off stage. The Japanese plan to invade India, codenamed U-Gowas originally intended as a spoiling attack against the British IV Corps at Imphal in Manipurto disrupt the Allied offensive plans for that year.

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