Why is it reasonable that the hydrogen atom has a more positive partial charge in HF than in HCl? This is not consistent with a model of placing a third electron in the first shell, for doing so would result in an ionization energy which is larger than that of He. Why would it be inappropriate to draw a Lewis structure such as in Model 5 for this compound? How many valence electrons are in the NO—2 ion? Notice that within this model of the structure of the Li atom, the outermost electron which is the easiest-to-remove electron is always farther from the nucleus than the two inner electrons in the first shell. Also, to avoid compounding errors, one should never round off intermediate results, but wait to round until you have the final answer. In order for Li to have a lower ionization energy than H, either the nuclear charge Z must be lower than that of H, or the distance of the easiest-to-remove electron from the nucleus must be greater than in H and He , or both.

Write a mathematical equation analogous to equation 1 for the rate of conversion of A molecules into B molecules. Add molecular spacefilling pictures to the boxes below in the correct ratio so that it represents reaction 1 in the Model. This book was designed to be used by you as a working member of a group, actively engaged with the important basic concepts of chemistry. Information Read materials assigned by your instructor on electromagnetic radiation, quantization of energy, and atomic spectra. This is essentially a plot of the number of ejected electrons along the vertical axis vs. Figure any others by calculation. H2O molecules in the liquid and gas phases.

The relationship between acidity, pH, and the hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations of a solution. Which of the following statements appears to be true from CTQs 6 and 7? Based on the answers to CTQ 9, verify that molecules of B react during the time interval 5—6 s.


Chemistry a Guided Inquiry

ChemActivity 6 Atomic Size 39 Exercises 4. This was the basis for our previous analysis of first cnemactivity energies. Compare your answers to CTQs 2 and 6.

chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

Draw the Lewis structure for CH4. For each of the following pairs, fill in the formal charges and decide which Lewis structure is better. The Lewis Structure for the Nitrate Ion.


chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

Draw the Lewis structure, determine the arrangement of the electron domains, and give the expected hybridization of the central atom in each of the following: What is the pH of this solution? We will now construct two possibilities for the photoelectron spectrum of K. Consider the quarter in Model 1 and its diameter that you measured in centimeters.

Regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Which end of the bond would be negatively polarized— Li or F circle one? chemactiviy

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Write the two conversion factors for each of the following concentrations. What generalization can be made about 2 electrons in a “filled” s subshell? Qusetions the Lewis structure for H2O. Considering only the half lives of uranium and iodine, which would be more appropriate for internal usage ingestion for medical tests?

Why do reactions proceed faster at higher temperatures? Determining which figures in reported numbers are significant Table 1: Numbers that are exact by definition have an infinite number of significant figures.

What is the mass in grams of: Draw the Lewis structure, determine the arrangement of the electron domains, and give the expected hybridization of the central atom in each of the following: Diagram of a lithium atom using the shell model a and the core charge concept b. What mass of iodine contains the same number of atoms as Send this assessment information to the author by email address available from the Missouri Southern State University Crltical site.


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Thus, on average, the valenceelectrons in atoms on the right side of the periodic table are held more tightly than thosein the same period on the left because, although the radius of the shell is not dramaticallyaltered, thinkingg nuclear charge and core charge is increased for the elements on the rightside of a given period. Both the nucleus and crihical electrons should be considered in your description. These applications will be discussed later when we examine the structure and propertiesof molecules.

The best Lewis structure for NO—2 includes two resonance structures. What does the arrow represent in a chemical reaction? Use the data in Model 1 to estimate the values in amu of a the mass of an electron, b the mass of a proton, and c the mass of a neutron. Minimization of electron-electron repulsion leads to a unique geometry for two, three, and four domains of electrons.

We can write the following equation for the calculation of formal charge on atom “a” in the molecule “a—b”: How does the formula of an element differ from that of a compound? What is the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit?

chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

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