Do you like it? According to Nida, such translation is called dynamic equivalence translation. Semakin banyak argumen yang ditampilkan semakin percaya pembaca bahwa topik yang dibahas oleh penulis adalah topik yang sangat penting atau membutuhkan perhatian. Besides usage in daily interaction, English is also used as a key to open doors leading to scientific and technical knowledge. However, Analytical Exposition is an important part of the English lesson because this Text is one of text that must be mastered by junior and senior high school student now.

In terms of health, many organs in our body can be harm because using drug. Para pakar bahasa Inggris mendefinisikan analytical exposition text sebagai berikut: Do you catch the point? Because its can caused harm to our body. Makanan cepat saji memiliki popularitasnya di tahun an.

It is not the calories in fast food which damage health and waistline.

Therefore, analyticzl pest management is a safe and more effective option to fight pest in agriculture and livestock. For example, in the street when they drive a car or ride motorcycle, they do not have the driving license or necessary documents. Nearly twenty-five thousand people died from illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks, bronchitis, flu and pneumonia.

Corruption and Conttoh Culture Thesis: Teks analitical exposition tentang pentingnya perpustakaan. In the office we can take stair rather than lift to run up and down.

So parental monitor against the use of computers needs to be done from time to time. They said that becoming too fat will bother their physical beauty appearance.


It can arouse humanism of a lot people in this world. It is simply defined as too much body fat inside.

Analytical Exposition (Complete Explanation)

Song can help to memorize the last experiences. The financial crisis that has gripped the globe and weakening economic growth in the rest of the world will serve to the government to accelerate the investment reform measures in order to grab the hidden opportunity in the global crisis. Also if we using drugs, it means we analyrical do reiteratin forbidden things in Islam, it means we sin. The actions to eliminate corruption are weak.

In some parts of the colony, house-holders are dumping their garbage on the waste land. In uncertain situations, many people are turning to gold because gold has a more stable value exposihion regarded as currency without limitation assets. But nothing has been done! Smokers are two and half times more likely to die of heart disease than non smokers. Furthermore, if the users of drugs are reuteration, it can endanger their future, and endanger their homeland, their country.

contoh analytical exposition thesis argument reiteration

Tujuan komunikatif dari analytical exposition adalah untuk meyakinkan pembaca bahwa topik yang disajikan adalah topik yang penting untuk dibahas atau mendapat perhatian dengan cara pemberian argumen-argumen atau pendapat-pendapat yang mendukung ide pokok atau topik tersebut.


Most people in the world hear about English, Arabic, and Mandarin. Of course it is also followed by some argument to support it.

This argu,ent of Accredited School has an impact inemployment opportunities. In physical reword, exercise can reduce weight then our body will become fitter. Mostly groups of society have their analyticak languages. English is used in writing and speaking by many people all over the world.

From the facts above, I conclude that libraries are important institutions for humanity.

Example of Analytical Exposition Text: The Importance of Learning English – English Admin

Machines that once had buttons now relied on screen displays, for instance. Another text which has the same mode is hortatory exposition. The Dangerous of Using Drugs Everybody must pay attention of drugs. Why is important to choose an accredited school?

contoh analytical exposition thesis argument reiteration

If we smoke twenty cigarettes a day, the risk is nineteen greater. Children tend to hide what they have done in front of the computer to their parent. Labels Expression 25 Test 64 Text 33 Vocabulary

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