The projects below cover most of what you might expect to see on test day. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. Please take time to work through the Start Here Page. There will be no classes or Open Lab. Not reading the syllabus is not an excuse. You can begin work and later purchase a registration code without losing anything you’ve started. Download ppt “DAY 1:

It can be found on my website which is: MyLab Lesson D grades have been posted. To get credit for your MyLab work, it’s important that you follow our instructions carefully and completely. The opposite also applies. Homework 1 Homework 1 is due Monday, May 20 at CS classes meeting at 1: Requests for make-up exams because you missed the exam and have an approved reason per the syllabus must be received within 36 hours of the scheduled exam time.

Computer Science Exam 2 Review.

Classes and Open Lab after If you cheat, you will get caught and penalized. The file submission issue has been resolved.


It contains information about registering for MyIT and the textbook that you’ll need. Sarah Diesburg University of Northern Iowa 1.

Computer Science Exam 1 Review.

Please note, more hoemwork will be released as the semester proceeds. Published by Maximillian Freeman Modified over 3 years ago. You can skip a couple questions without penalty. Sections de cette Page.

DAY 1: COURSE INTRODUCTION Harish Palakurthi January 13, 2015 1.

The opposite also applies. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. There will usually be a review sessions for each exam. These are a great way to prepare. I will compile that information and share it with the class.

cs101 wvu homework

CS is a 4-credit hour GEC-listed course. All participation projects must be completed by the day they are due during class time. Vs101 for your patience.

cs101 wvu homework

WVU is closed again today. Hours are at http: You need hkmework complete at least 10 of them. Please make sure you have registered and completed Lesson A by then. Grades for MyLab Lesson E have been posted.

Homework #1 Help | Computer Science | West Virginia University

Make sure you have the book, the MyIT software it comes with the book if you purchase the recommended eText bundledas well as the Microsoft Office software. If you need help, please visit Open Lab. Grades for MyLab Lesson C have been posted. Homework 1 remains due on Friday, February 1.


WVU provides all students Microsoft Office free of charge – if you need any help accessing it, information on how to do so is listed in Getting Started. If you work in a lab or other computers: As mentioned in the Getting Started document, I’d also like an introduction from you. My presentations Cd101 Feedback Log out. We are working as quickly as possible to fix.

cs101 wvu homework

Not reading the syllabus is not an excuse. You can view your grades at https:

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