From to Letta was president of the Youth of the European People’s Party , [6] the official youth wing of the European People’s Party —the political party at European level founded by national-level Christian democratic parties, including the Italian DC ; he used his presidency to help strengthen long-term connections among a variety of centrist parties in Europe, and has since remained a convinced supporter of the European Union. The European Parliament endorsed the treaty on 19 November , and after two referendums and 13 decisions by parliaments, the Member States finally concluded the procedure. Though facing strong opposition from the centre-right coalition, the vote resulted in a — victory. Dan Rubinfeld, economics professor at the University of California who worked on the US Justice Department’s antitrust case against Microsoft, said of Monti, “There has been a lot of talk of politics in this and other cases, but I believe he has been driven entirely by the desire to do the right thing. Monti also announced that he would be giving up his own salary as part of the reforms. Later, other Italian members of the European Commission claimed Prodi had invented this story to conceal the real source of the tip-off, which they believed to have originated somewhere among the far-left Italian political groups. On 4 December , Monti’s government introduced emergency austerity measures intended to stem the worsening economic conditions in Italy and restore market confidence, especially after rising Italian government bond yields began to threaten Italy’s financial stability.

However, there were rumours of supporters of the House of Freedoms trying to participate in the elections, and vote in favour of Mastella, reputed to be the least competent of the candidates and the least likely to win against Berlusconi, other than the most centrist; other rumours indicated such “fake” left-wing voters would vote for Bertinotti, because his leadership would likely lose any grip on the political centre. On 17 October he resigned and was replaced by his deputy Alberto Bombassei as acting president. Il Sole 24 Ore. Sempre nel con le elezioni politiche, Minniti si candida alla Camera dei Deputati nel collegio uninominale di Reggio Calabria-Villa S. David Sassoli — Patrizia Toia —present. In early January , Justice Minister and Union of Democrats for Europe ‘s leader Clemente Mastella resigned after his wife Sandra Lonardo was put under house arrest for corruption charges. Retrieved 13 February


Following the formal signing of the Treaty on 2 Octoberthe Member States engaged in an equally long and complex ratification process.

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Presidents of the European Commission. Retrieved 14 February Views Read Edit View history. A group of entrepreneurs, including Silvio Berlusconimade an alternative bid to block the sale; the offer was not honored for financial shortcomings, but the sale of SME blocked. Retrieved 3 June Monti served as a European Commissioner from towith responsibility for the Internal Market, ServicesCustoms and Taxation from to and for Competition from to Monti began his academic career at the University of Trentobefore moving to teach economics at the University of Turin from toand finally to Bocconi Universitywhere he was appointed Rector inand President in The fall of the government would disrupt a pending election-law referendum that if passed would make it harder for small parties like Mastella’s to gain seats in parliament.

InPrime Minister Silvio Berlusconi returned to power in Italy and chose not to re-appoint Monti to the Commission when his second term ended. Prodi’s government fell in when the Communist Refoundation Party withdrew its external support.

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Letta could vtiae continue his Grand coalition government. Retrieved 7 May Marco Minniti biografia Merger man on a mission”. Archived from the original on 4 February Prodi’s political career began as a left-of-centre reformist Christian Democrat and a disciple of Beniamino Andreattaanother economist turned politician. Prodi married Flavia Franzoni in Archived from the original on 29 January Shortly after Berlusconi claimed that Dini “copied his electoral programme”.


After spending part of his childhood in Strasbourg [4] he completed his schooling in Italy at the liceo classico Galileo Galilei in Pisa. Prime Minister of Italy — Even so, Berlusconi refused to concede defeat, claiming unproven fraud.

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In —, Prodi was appointed again President of the IRI, by Ciampi, where he oversaw extensive privatization of public assets. Prime Ministers of Italy. Prodi’s appointment was somewhat delayed, as the outgoing President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampiended his mandate in May, not having enough time for the usual procedure consultations made by the President, appointment of a Prime Minister, the motion of confidence and oath of office.

The Treaty of Nice reformed the institutional structure of the European Union to withstand eastward expansion, a task which was originally intended to have been done by the Amsterdam Treatybut failed to be addressed at the time. Minister of Agriculturea. Monti also announced that he would be giving up his own salary as part of the reforms.

In his office as a European Commissioner from tohe was responsible for internal market, financial services and financial integration, customs, and taxation. Marini, after consultation with all major political forces, acknowledged the impossibility of doing so on 5 February, forcing Napolitano to announce the end of the legislature. Prodi has also been a visiting professor at Harvard University and a researcher at the Stanford Research Institute.

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When the primary elections were first proposed, they were mostly meant as a plebiscite for Romano Prodi, since there were no other candidates for the leadership of the coalition. Italian general election, and The Olive Tree Italy. He and his family still live in Bologna.

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