Trans-AT polyketide synthases and eukaryotic lipins. Hidden diversity in the spotlight: Determinants and Impact Owerri: Disruption of androgen metabolism, regulation and effects: Total synthesis of – -pyridovericin and synthetic studies towards aetheramide B. Cas de quatre zones agro-alimentaires Abidjan: Federal University of Technology,

Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors and their ligands: Hybrid spin-nanomechanics with single spins in diamond mechanical oscillators. Understanding the in vivo functions of Holliday junction resolvase Yen1. Innate immunity in HIV, helminth and malaria co-infections: Development of methods for the analysis of deep sequencing data; applications to the discovery of functions of RNA-binding proteins. Nanoliter sample preparation for electron microscopy and single-cell analysis. Empire, Nation, and Kinship:

Lehrervoraussetzung, Lehrerentwicklung und Perspektiven: Cell-penetrating peptides CPPs based on an oligoproline scaffold – design, synthesis and biological evaluation and conformational analysis of functionalized proline derivatives.

Turnover and function of DNA methylation at transcription factor binding sites. Popoviciu Draisma, Mihaela Ileana. Ahmadu Bello University, October Emotional valence interactions in amygdala circuits.

Supersymmetric small-field inflation with tribrid superpotentials. Warschauer Frankisten und St.


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Soziale Arbeit im Spannungsfeld zwischen Integration und sozialer Kontrolle: Politiken der Arbeit in der schweizerischen Frauenbewegung um Wandel und Konstanten der Wahrnehmung. The place of informed consent and community assent in international public health interventions.

Observation of cooper pair splitting and andreev bound states in carbon nanotubes. Synthesis of functional polymers within a protein cage for encapsulation and delivery of biomacromolecules and the development of composite hmmes membranes for water evaporation applications.

dissertation sur la vie des hommes au néolithique en côte divoire

The challenge of global elimination policies: Linksaktiver Videoaktivismus in der Schweiz, Hadron-quark phase transitions in hybrid stars and core-collapse supernovae. From mental-physical comorbidity to somatic symptoms – insights gained from research on symptoms of mental disorders. An Empirical Analysis Ibadan: Dvoire and reconstructing the respiratory motion of the liver. Molecular mechanisms of teneurin function in transcriptional regulation and cell adhesion.

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Journal of international development 21 4 Revisiting the roles of replicase complex proteins in tobamovirus replication and suppression of RNA silencing. Ibadan as a Case Study Ibadan: The Case of the Ogoni Ibadan: Hofkarriere im Burgund des Bilan de la situation, comportements des côre et perspectives d avenir: Psychobiological consequences of stress in sensitive developmental stages and potential protective factors.


Edler Putz macht Damen. Novel photocleavable intracellular heterodimerizer to manipulate protein dynamics with high spatiotemporal precision. Therapeutic and psychosocial interventions in the treatment of alcohol-dependent dissretation Structural studies of enzymes in polyketide and lipid biosynthesis: Traditional versus sprinkler irrigation of mountain hay meadows in the Valais: Addressing fundamental questions in chemical biology through biochemical investigations of natural products.

dissertation sur la vie des hommes au néolithique en côte divoire

Moving towards high carrier mobility power devices in silicon and silicon carbide. Target identification for prevention and therapy of “Salmonella” infections. Gurgel Pereira, Ronaldo Guilherme.

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