It did say that Shaq did self-directed research, there’s no reason why that can’t be an original contribution to his field even if his field isn’t a strictly academic one and so the contribution would be appropriate to that. Good point, it wasn’t fully blind, although they knew nothing about me beforehand and I still don’t know who the international one was so it is partially. These are the moments when everything seems to click, and people leap forward into their careers. Then she decided I was on the wrong track…too bloody late! Doctorate students everywhere know what he means. They are research-based, but from what I can tell from the folks I know who have them, they are more about synthesizing research into a practical, implementable project than gathering data and producing new research. These people achieved financial success and fame and then went back to finish their studies.

Almost everywhere in the US requires you to have at least one committee member who is “outside” in some sense — usually from a different university, but the huge field divisions in political science mean that some outside people might be from a different field of your home department. These are the moments when everything seems to click, and people leap forward into their careers. There are many many reasons to like Shaq, I’ll add ‘places a high value on education’ to my list. By Marianna February 25th, Categories: We have a few friends in common. And that’s all I’m going to say on a public forum. It may hurt my heart some days that I miss deadlines that should be able to be made.

However, I would have hated to be someone who had to objectively grade a film project turned in by Steven Spielburg. I frequently say that if I won the lottery or otherwise fell into immense wealth, I’d be in school forever. I think people here are just sad that we won’t get to read a dissertation by Shaquille O’Neal.

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Dolph Lundgren | Post Academic

The thesis wants what the thesis wants. If the student’s work is good enough for lundgreh level degree then prove it by testing it luncgren, and if it’s not then don’t kid them that it is. However, according to the supervisor I have to do major re-writes. With an education that has doubtless served her well in her Hollywood years, Weaver remains an object lesson in astuteness and longevity in the movie business.

But this is not honorary. You are commenting using your WordPress.

dolph lundgren thesis

I saw Margin Call recently and in another example, the fictional whizz kid who realises that financial death is upon the company and the world… has a PhD in Planetary Science. My PhD thesis was read and evaluated by external and internal markers, making it every bit as peer reviewed as my publications Not unless it was double-blind, or really quadruple-blind — also unknown to your committee and your committee unknown to them. The movie star “Dolph” Lundgren was actually born Hans Lundgren.

I know EdDs from most institutions aren’t well respected in academia, but it’s a big world out there But given his own aptitude for martial arts and his love for the film series, he says, he couldn’t miss lundtren opportunity for a role in the franchise.

I respect the difference between a Ph.

While this may be true, dolpn I find interesting that many actors and musicians have committed to the long-term goals of post graduate study when they do not intend to carve out careers as academics.

He took on the name Dolph, a relative’s name from his mother’s side of the family, with the release of the Rocky film in So maybe the show is a case of art imitating reality in more than one way. All doctorates save, perhaps, M.

dolph lundgren thesis

As a further feather in thewis jester’s cap, Oxford made Atkinson an honorary fellow in And it seems like Dolph really is some kind of renaissance man: I saw this headline and assumed, as many others naturally would, that this was honorary.


Actors and musicians who have achieved both fame and a Masters Degree include: As much as I love the guy, I don’t know how useful his advice would be.

dolph lundgren thesis

Those quotation marks make ALL the difference: Thirty-two years later, however, the University awarded Owens an honorary doctorate of athletic arts “for his unparalleled skill and ability” as an athlete and for “his personification of sportsmanship ideals. Indeed, the problem of Australian students completing their PhDs — and doing it on time — is well reported. I chose a methodology that hardly anyone seems to use or publish about and because neither of the supervisors were methodological experts, I found our seemingly endless critique and discussions about the choices I was making fruitless — what was the point when none of us knew what we were doing?!

For some silly reason, I am delighted that Shaq and I got our doctorates on the same day. These are the moments when everything seems to click, and people leap forward into their careers.

Do you have any suggestions on how too get listed in Yahoo News?

Does Dolph Lundgren Have Multiple Scientific Degrees?

While there are no national retention rates available, universities are generally happy if half of their Arts students finish within four years. Can you back up with evidence this notion that athletes graduate high school with “honorary” diplomas? Described as having “an unusually high metabolism for productivity,” Franco earned his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing in Shaq is the greatest.

Brace yourself for 10 surprising actors you never knew had master’s degrees!

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