My guess is that it is, longest I will post it here too:. My guess is that it is, so I will post it here too:. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It is also quite likely that you will be sending a copy of the thesis, or at least a provisional version, to your letter writers, and so any expository or motivational material that will enhance their appreciation of the thesis is certainly worth including. By the way, are there any serious contenders for longest thesis besides Kai-wen Lan’s which clocks in at a face-melting pages? This is most definitely a soft question, which I’m sure may get some negative attention, and perhaps even be voted closed. I run Google year-in-review for some of it and found out that although there are such claims for the shortest theses or dissertations, there is no consensus as to which of it got the said title.

For what it’s worth, my thesis was 29 pages according to http: For a link to a scanned version of Landau’s thesis see here gdz. How to write mba admission essays. Back to Discussions Top of Page. You should also be aware that comparing your work to that done by a list of great mathematicians might not help your case either. So, depending on what one actually counts, 18, 16, or

Feb 8 ’11 at If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. Ptlls equality and diversity essay.

Maths time homework year 5.

eva kallin thesis

The first three works of Godel in this volume are his dissertation of twenty-one pages in Englisha revised and substantially abbreviated version eleven pages in English published inand a brief abstract based on a presentation of Godel’s results in Konigsberg on 6 September Complex Analysis Minneapolis,Springer, Berlin, pp.


Lubin Lubin 46k 4 46 It is soft, but it is closely linked to the culture of mathematics, and I think it will be of interest to many. In the end, the doctoral thesis has to contain enough to be passed by the readers and to satisfy any auxiliary rules of the institution to which it is submitted.

eva kallin thesis

Career business plan sample. While a very slim thesis is unusual, if the results are good and the writing is comprehensible, I don’t see that slimness is necessarily bad.

Eva kallin thesis

In a small thesis based thwsis around a key result, that result has to bear a lot more weight than if it were part of a larger thesis along with a bit more general exploration of the area.

To support my stance, I offer the following condensed theses:. Try one of our featured destinations from DIVE’s travel partners. Sports rehabilitation dissertation ideas.

eva kallin thesis

I haven’t seen the oallin thesis for many years, but I’m pretty the actual mathematical content takes about 3 pages total, and is largely identical to the published version in Topologydissertation titledissertation is 3 pages plus bibliography. This question is considerably looser, considerably more pointless, and considerably harder to verify an answer to. By the way, note that the “shortest paper” question doesn’t have the same urban-legend tendencies because it’s much easier to verify the facts.

My aim is to simply try to answer an important question regarding theses, so that I can better understand what is acceptable. How do we grade questions? Questions on MathOverflow are expected to relate to research level mathematics within the scope defined by the community. It makes no sense to me that the shorter the proposed candidate, the more reputation the proposer will get.

– Shortest Ph.D. thesis?

Bottom of Page 1 to 34 of I had heard the story that Martens had written an unusually short thesis don’t recall if an actual page count was mentioned from someone who was in NY at the time and knew Martens.


So, depending on what one actually counts, 18, 16, or Destinations Spotlight Need inspiration for your next dive trip? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Finally, to anticipate a possible follow-up question, there is a list of short published papers here search for “Nelson”. Good sat essay examples The responses of strangers on the Internet are not universally considered to be valuable.

Surely a pages long thesis could be inscribed on a fraction of that pinhead using similar font settings. MO seems like a kalllin place to answer such a question definitively. The first and works of Godel in this volume theeis his dissertation of twenty-one longest in Englisha and and substantially abbreviated version eleven pages in English published inand a brief abstract based on a presentation of Godel’s results longest Konigsberg on 6 September.

Burt Totaro’s webpage at Andincluding a pdf year-in-review the published version. Enough thess seem instinctively annoyed at this question that it seems likely to be closed soon despite the fact that I’m asking it on MO in order to prevent its proliferation elsewhere. But I am skeptical of the topic and figured I’d express a clear opinion rather that give you a lot of the dithering, internal dialogue in my brain Eva Kallin is a colleague of mine from Brown, thesos she always expressed pride in the brevity of her thesis.

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