If you were Eva, what type of information would you like to know from the market research? But she kept on the lookout for an opportunity to start her own full-time business. She needed improvement in knife technique, costcutting, and efficiency. How can she find out more about the growth rate of Columbus? Brand conscious and loyal customers.

Primary data can be useful as it is aimed at a specific target market, but it can be time consuming and expensive to collect. Have Pan Will Travel. Sales Forecast Template Powerpoint. Case Description – Fisher College of Business. She was going to be a personal chef. At first, answering some of those questions seemed overwhelming or even impossible. Based on your favorite task from school or work in the previous section, is there a way you could use that passion to create a business idea?

Case Description – Fisher College of Business. Before students have to do their own research, this case study allows students to walk through the market research process, learn how to identify the different types of data needed, and begin to locate resources that can help them do their own research.

Although she enjoyed her work, Eva realized that, of all the event-planning tasks she had been given, she had most of all enjoyed cooking.

Like to exercise and stay active and eat healthy. This particular case study in its original form can be found at the end of Unit 3 pagesas one of eight interrelated studies about a fictional young entrepreneur.


FY14 Evas Edibles Business Plan Presentation

The Difference a Edkbles Makes. Add to collection s Add to saved. Trial and research tanks. Eva will volunteer at local elementary schools to speak about healthy eating options.

Business Plan Edibles The Bite From Venice Cookie Co Reviews Template

What type of training and certification does she need? What are her potential customers looking for? When Eva returned from vacation, she prepared a business exibles on evenings and weekends. She also realized that if she knew what type of data was needed to answer each of her questions, she could then determine where to find the information that she needed. This case study best aligns when the students get to Chapter 7 and are currently learning how to conduct market research. Have you done your research?

evas edibles business plan

If you were Eva, what type of information would you like to know from the market research? Primary Local chefs from schools or restaurants, call people on the phone 5.

Educated consumers that do research on any large purchases. Add this document to saved. Have groups share their answers with the class when finished. Eva figured that certification would help potential customers have more confidence in her.

Entrepreneurial Case Study: Eva’s Edibles (Market Research

On a vacation from her job at the Campus Dining Services, Eva took a edible personal-chef training course to prepare her for the certification tests.


Examples of websites are listed in the appendix, and the activity only asks students to say the type of resource she would need. Eva also figured that people be reluctant to hire a personal chef who had no formal culinary training. Danitra Brown Leaves Town day 1.

Entrepreneurial Case Study: Eva’s Edibles (Market Research

Telstra Landline Phone Plans. She made a list of established competitors and visited their Websites. Who are my main competitors? People who work all day might appreciate having someone prepare their meals.

Secondary Library or edib,es sites: So it’s pivotal to have a plan and be committed to preparing that document. Personal chef businesses made up one of the fastest growing segments in the foodservice industry.

evas edibles business plan

She worked for the Director of the Campus Dining Services. Busy people who value free time and good, home -cooked evax Price: In the greater Columbus area, there were currently 15 personal chefs.

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