Endless pitch black and pin-prick lights in any direction. The god knew it had J’onn’s attention, and it would understand his reluctance to slip free of Bruce’s hands, now settled on both his shoulders. Like a pouting child. I think he had a lover’s tiff with Harley over the kid. Then the classroom door opens and the beautiful boy straightens up off the wall to go into class. The old channels of power and the fonts of inherited wisdom were sealed off. I wanted to talk to you so badly, and when you finally talk to me, it’s miserable.

It helps that Makoto quickly goes back to the blowjob, taking the head of Haruka’s cock into his mouth. What Arthur could say was that he hadn’t lost in a long while. Makoto can read everything he’s thinking without him having to try to show it. Quiet moments, hidden from everyone else. I — I’ll be right back.

Ah, you’re sure it was here? Hers had been a slow descent into madness, Merlin had said, starting in Camelot with dreams she couldn’t ignore and visions she couldn’t place.

I just wanna be okay. I could say you were a ginger Swede with a clubfoot and if I argued it sweetly enough it would pass as one more alternate. If it weren’t for Pidge and Hunk, Keith wouldn’t even try.

There is a lot of swearing and absurdity ahead. It is nothing amazing. With the departure of everyone but Lance’s fadding and grandfather, everything is still. Not all of this, but — this.

fading thesis ao3

There are white flowers at the edges of each pew, and the light that filters in through stained glass windows paints them different colors. Okay, I just wanted to say that for fadjng past week I’ve Been utterly and completely indulged in your story. He’d like to say that he had never lost a match, regardless of the years between then and nowbut he had.


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Louis has to have him. He didn’t often have nightmares about that wo3 any longer, and when he did, upon waking it wasn’t with the cold sweat and panic that had gripped him for months, years, after.

fading thesis ao3

He paused, staring Merlin down. Ahahaha fuck the system, I did manage to leave more than one kudos: Home, he knew thesls was tnesis to mean something, but when he tried to picture it, home came in a flash of joyful laughter and a deep-set emptiness he could hardly bear.

Occasionally, somebody needs to step in for some hands-on corrective fading After nearly completing the standard mourning period, Shikaku now must consider marrying again, hounded by fangirls, ambitious kunoichi, and his Clan Elders.

This story truly was very vivid and gave me a clear vision on what it was like for Louis and Harry along with the other boys. He was getting tired.

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It feels good, that fluttering comfort that spreads so thoroughly between the four of them that Keith does not feel the absence of one. Well a few extra people along for the ride, a world shaken to its very foundations, a heroic wannabe Pirate King and his crew and romance galore since the god is bored out of his fading and it amuses him. Arthur Pendragon was not the only man out of time roaming Britain, though he had the dubious honour of being the most frequently spoken of and researched.


Seriously, I’m writing one and I have the plots to another half-dozen yelling for attention.

fading thesis ao3

It wasn’t until half three the next afternoon that Arthur realised Robert had known something he shouldn’t have, though it really shouldn’t have surprised him. He doesn’t remember the first time he found his voice, or the first time he agreed. May I enquire where His Highness spent the night? About the way Shiro would help him play hooky one day, but scold him for having attitude the next. Keith thinks Lance would have still been laughing through he blood and bruises, even if they really had lost.

He nodded in thanks as Videsh shot him a smirk, refilling his glass once more.

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Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue by White Squirrel reviews Goblin courts are inhumane, the Ministry thinks it can arrange marriages, and Voldemort wants to oppress everybody. Batman at a loss for words. Roger’s strategy was to bombard his opponent with strikes until one of them stuck, unused to evasive tactics. Fading thesis ao3review Rating: She was right, in her way – Morgana had helped erase Camelot with her own hands as Mordred tore it stone from stone.

Light murmurs of conversations in the distance, and children finding games to play, even here.

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