Living near volcanoes, Iceland Fertile volcanic soils support agriculture, especially the cultivation of fodder crops Geothermal energy, eg. Case studies are really very helpful, I would suggest to add more case studies. Also, less roots are anchored in the soil, so the soil is more likely to be eroded. Problems of underpopulation in Canada: Densely populated rural areas:

Also, the Maldives plan to be a carbon neutral country by Many dams and canals have been built to control this extreme demand; therefore, the Colorado river is one of the most controlled rivers in the world. Besides pollution occurs through the disposal of untreated sewage from large urban areas such as Rotterdam, possibly possessing a human health risk along the Dutch coast. However, the required network capacities for transmitting the power generated in the North Sea to the large industrial consumers in southern Germany have not yet been constructed. The massive ash cloud blocked air traffic in large parts of Europe for several days, leaving tourists and business people stranded at their destinations.

The Syrian Refugee Migration: Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new jgcse by email. These services may then have to close eg. Name an area which you have studied where the tourist industry is important. The building of new housing, roads and services often results in urban sprawl.


The reefs are also destroyed as tourists take samples home and leave litter on the beaches that may kill reef fish. Xerophilious grass has a small surface area to reduce water loss. Human activities cause both benefits and problems for people and the natural environment. Feeding Shearing to obtain wool Milking. February 12, at 7: Uneven population distribution Sparsely populated rural areas: Living near volcanoes, Iceland Fertile volcanic soils support agriculture, especially the cultivation of fodder crops Geothermal energy, eg.

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This has been caused by factors such as:. The capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, also suffers from severe housing shortages due to mass urbanisation. Menu Skip to content Welcome!

igcse geography urban sprawl case study

Lesotho is a landlocked country that borders South Africa. Furthermore, soil salinization is increased, as the cut-down trees no longer provide shade for the soil and the hot temperatures-caused by the desert climate of the Sahel- draw water out of the soil. A large proportion of expenditure goes toward machinery, chemicals and other equipment.

igcse geography urban sprawl case study

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Also, the refugees are attempting to avoid political persecution, as the goverment has arrested and tortured civilians who they think could be working against them. To find out more, syudy how to control cookies, see here: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Recent Posts Revision Secrets Revealed: Many areas of natural vegetation are at risk from human activities.


Borneo has experienced the fastest tropical rainforest clearance in the world. Pakistans Iron and Steel Industry.

Case study: Urban Sprawl – London

I hope this helps and all the best for your revision. Join 50 other followers Follow. Inthe Colorado River Compact was introduced to divide the water supply between the states of the Upper and Lower Basin of the river, with each group being allocated 9. By Giorgio Montersino on Flickr Licence: Besides, the dam lies on a fault line and shudy be badly affected by an earthquake.

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The Anonymous August 30, at 4: As an increased soil concentration is poisonous to a large variety of plant species, the natural vegetation will be less likely to grow, and crop cultivation may be hampered. The Ynyslas Dunes in Wales have been formed by deposition, which occured as energy of winds blowing from Cardigan Bay was reduced.

igcse geography urban sprawl case study

Furthermore, the continuous eastward shift of the islands has eroded their westmost regions, endangering settlements such as West-Terschelling, which may submerge in future.

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