The idea that the topographic layout of Europe resulted in its political fragmentation and resultant inter-state competition is a half-truth. Oliver Robert Byron Bird H. Gibson Robert K. An Historical Geography of Europe, p. Klinman Jerrold Meinwald A.

He believes this is due to these societies’ technologic and immunologic advantages, stemming from the early rise of agriculture after the last Ice Age. Those features include a long-term pair relationship marriage , coexistence of economically cooperating pairs within a shared communal territory, provision of parental care by fathers as well as by mothers, having sex in private rather than in public, concealed ovulation, female sexual receptivity encompassing most of the menstrual cycle including days of infertility , female but not male menopause, and distinctive secondary sexual characteristics. The Times of Israel. Help Center Find new research papers in: Solomon Shirley Ann Jackson. How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed”.

United States National Medal of Science laureates.

Jared Diamond

Retrieved December 19, Karle Norman Davidson Darleane C. Similarly, Africa was diamondd by its extreme variations in climate from north to south: Drezner listed the book on his top ten list of must-read books about international economic history.


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jared diamonds thesis

However we can cite one example which again challenges Diamond’s thesis. Sturtevant Jarfd Barker Bernard B. It takes a village to do the job and not just talk about it….

jared diamonds thesis

Htesis Read Edit View history. Diamond realized the same question seemed to apply elsewhere: Retrieved January 9, The Steppe Tradition in International Relations: Paul Alivisatos Geraldine L.

Answered May 8, His later book, Collapse: As early Western Asian civilizations began to trade, they found additional useful animals in adjacent territories, most notably horses and donkeys for use in transport.

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Thus at large-scales, Diamond argues, his scientific approach to history has validity and explanatory power despite inaccuracy at shorter scales.

Complete list — — — They have twin sons, born in For example, Jared states that the isolation of Australia and its climate resulted in the native peoples’ deciding not to take up agriculture. Humanities and Social Sciences Online. Are the books ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’ interchangeable?


Bradford DeLong June 6, Europe for Diamond, was sufficiently separated by geographical features to warrant balkanization but at the same time sufficiently geographically open to not prevent the difussion of technology and resources.

Furthermore, not all societies chose to develop agriculture despite the opportunities existing for such developments to take place. The Times of Israel. Complete list — — — How was it then that diseases native to the American continents did not kill off Europeans?

What are some problems with Jared Diamond’s theory of geographic luck? Corey Richard B. Yet, while these are strong and defensible positions in themselves they are not the primary arguments of Diamond’s thesis.

A short history of the world.

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