We would love to hear what you think — please leave a comment! In addition to warnings on sugary sodas, warnings have been considered for foods that have a high concentration of salt. This further reinforces the reason for school canteens to stop selling junk food. This kind of a cash flow is a necessity for big country economies to run. Be hard to monitor though. The foods are generally characterized by a low nutritional value and their abundance of salt, sugar and calories.

If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. According to CBS , one of their french fry oils no longer contains any trans fats. By only providing healthy food to eat, children will eat that instead of starving themselves because they only eat junk food. This could reduce the prevalence of mental health problems among students. I had many friends, got really good grades and had nothing to stress about.

Lastly, one way to improve the students behaviour is by prevent them from having junk food. If the ban didn’t reduce the amount of junk food that kids eat, the rate of heart disease would likely remain unchanged. School board members are bestowed with the responsibilities to develop policies that reflect the needs and opinions of the society. It would also leave people feeling that their freedom of choice was taken.

From this, again, I strongly believe that the sale of junk food munk be banned. Junk food is unhealthy Junk food is highly unhealthy and can transform fit, healthy human beings into obese, lazy people.

junk food should be banned in school canteens essay

Another drawback to banning junk foods in schools is that it could be more difficult to prepare meals for students. Hi, I am Sara from Foood Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? According to Blakesleea prominent psychologist, dietary schol formed in childhood tend to last throughout life.


Be hard to monitor though. For instance, McDonald’s has started offering a variety of salads. The more we demand the more they supply.

This could cause their overall consumption of junk canteend to remain unchanged. Remember me on this computer. Junk food is bad and not good for our health. The sale of junk food in the school canteens should be banned as it is unhealthy food for health and a major contributor to the litter problems.

Junk Food Should Be Banned

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If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Skip to main content. We would love to hear what you canteems — please leave a comment! However, one of thesis statement that you mentioned in introductory part is not suitable to support you idea “also to help in improving the students behavior”. So, the sale of junk food should be banned as it brings more healthy problems.


Throwing a few chemicals on candy and saying sssay is healthy is an overkill. Furthermore, banning junk food could increase the sense of boredom among students.

junk food should be banned in school canteens essay

In fact, junk food is even sold in the vending machines of many schools. Without enough calcium, serious defects in bone development can occur. Some school aged children suffer from the condition.

It is evident that promoting and selling junk foods and sodas endorse their usage among students. It’s even thought that a deficiency of Omega-3s could make one more prone to develop severe mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia and bipolar bannned. In addition, junk foods also cause the weight gain disorder.

Essay Example On Banning Junk Food And Sodas In Schools

I have never been able to understand it. Some school canteens sell junk food among other things to students. Instead, the time and effort that went with sneaking in junk food could reinforce the habit of eating it even more. I mean this literally ruined my life, if something can cause thus much harm to someone surely it should be illegal. It has honestly been the worst and most baffling period zhould my life. Its part of growing up.

Unfortunately, many irresponsible students discard junk food packaging in various places instead of waste bins Lin Tran ; Smith

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