Our laboratories were well equipped, and some technicians engaged me in biotechnology. The need to have excellent learning skills and knowledge in the current fast-changing job market is the reason behind advancing my education in an elite, competitive and challenging environment such as KAUST. I want to know is there any Specific Format for Recommendation? Talha Omer January 7, at 7: Talha Omer June 17, at 9: I will also consider obtaining a postgraduate degree in the same area so that I can be in a position to make substantial contribution to the development of the profession. Regarding long-term professional goals, I look forward to work in a community pharmacy in order to gain more experience in running a pharmaceutical organization.

Therefore, as I have only nine hours remaining to complete the course, I would wish to request an opportunity to complete it online. How to prepare for GRE exam?? I have letter of recommendation but they are not powerfully written. Regarding long-term professional goals, I look forward to work in a community pharmacy in order to gain more experience in running a pharmaceutical organization. It was such an awesome experience; I got a chance to see the beauty of my hometown from an aerial view. Hello — you can start with Manhattan prep books!

Since I was a small boy, the passion for joining the nursing profession always cringed in my mind and desires. I would like to be a part of the rapidly growing innovation in medicine breakthroughs by contributing to the development of antibiotic drugs. Talha Omer August 30, at 8: Talha Omer September 8, at 7: My friend Nick Peters has been grappling with Leukemia for long. The period of service enabled me interact with many students of varied age-groups, ethnicity and ability, and it also helped me improve in my problem-solving skills.

My training in healthcare management has enabled me to gain insights in the administrative procedures that are involved in the health industry.


My confidence is that my management roles, projects undertaken, experience and strong desire to learn are enough reasons to secure me admission at Middlesex University.

My intentions are to stay in the country only for the period of studying there after which I will make a decision on where to further pursue my career. kaush

kaust personal statement

Talha Omer October 17, at Graphic design is my passion My personal life has in itself prepared me for this opportunity through many experiences. Just want to know do they really provide this MS program? I will also use my pursuit as a celebration of every humble family that believes in its own. pfrsonal

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This is what I hope to bring in at the University of Houston if admitted to major in graphic design. The beautiful scene and experience elicited my interest in flying, and I looked forward to flying one day. Statejent possess professional essay writing skills which enable me to analyze competently, synthesize and compile raw information into some orderly data.

Nothing happens without reason, and there is always a link which unites the events that consequently shape into something that you see today. I feel that I possess all necessary skills persoal handle both medicine and patients. My ultimate goal is to own a pharmacy once I increase my skills. As a result of this exposure, I am now convinced that stateemnt a pharmacist, I will be in a position to deliver more and contribute towards the development of policies and regulations that will enhance the existing practice.

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In both professional and personal life, humans encounter people from different backgrounds and have to learn the most progressive way of relating with them for success in individual as well as professional life. Since the institution has collaborations and partnerships with many prominent local and foreign research organizations and institutions, I anticipate benefiting from appropriate right resources and great learning environments that will offer proper tools to expand my knowledge and skills for use in practical life.


It brings the much needed adrenaline rush that pushes one persknal work hard and be more innovative. There, I saw many people who had dropped by buses, and they climbed the stairs leading to the big planes.

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All my family members have gone through college and thus understand my burning ambition to be part of the University of Houston fraternity. It oaust one to be inquisitive and state,ent to these developments. I worked with extreme professionalism and exhibited desirable output, which enabled me to move up the ranks at the company to the head of Designs.

The role exposed me to patient related issues as I provided customer services to the patients based on the prioritization of their needs.

Talha Omer February 27, at 7: I kauet 5 research papers published and a SPI of 8. Talha Omer January 3, at 6: Also, I have participated in numbers of events and competitions at at graduate level. Secondly, I encountered a terminal illness of an immediate family member, which further complicated my learning situation.

Noman Ali July 12, at 6: I liked visiting people in nursing homes and hospitals just to offer any help that I could.

kaust personal statement

I was born at the outset of the computing and technological revolution era, and before the age of 9, my father had already introduced me to the computer world and the first fascination was how a monitor and a cable could open windows to satement new universe.

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kaust personal statement

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