For example, yellow belt technique Delayed Sword, can be translate into an entry technique for sparring. On a personal note, I believe this raw natural sense of protection is what hooked me onto studying Kenpo Karate. Such independence will allow you to make quick decisions, remain steadfast and cool when in a crises — all of which ultimately leads to positive and victorious results. Dance is usually movement by humans as a result of hearing music and martial arts movements are usually done without hearing music. Black Belt, 7th Degree Title:

By practicing the forms and techniques, the student is taught pre-set movements which can be translated into sparring. Confidence and strength came along with the physical work, especially the sparring and grappling. Each song has elements present from each form and its symbolic meaning using the alias as a guide. There is no one in our advanced ranks who is not at least a student instructor, and many of us have also been part- or full-time employees of the school as instructors at one time or another many who are not paid now and were once had to stop due to their “day jobs”, but still teach as much as they can , “just because”. When a person does a Kenpo movement or plays notes with intent, an affect is created.

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Whether in training, at tournaments, doing community service or just recreational time we spend a lot of time with each other. My thesis was called “The Personal Journey of Kenpo” and was fifty two pages long after I condensed it. Thus, having a thorough knowledge of these areas serves a dual purpose you will know which areas of your own body to protect, and where to strike to obtain maximum results.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to look over people’s thesis many times. Mine was about the way Kenpo has made my life more balanced and centered. Originally Posted by Rob Broad.


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I consider this a great source of positive, creative thought, within the outline given by Mr. Doing this helped me to find the symbolic meaning behind each form beyond the obvious purpose of self-defense.

kenpo karate thesis

To further explore metaphorical connections between music and Kenpo, I composed a four short pieces of music to fit the affect of four Kenpo forms. Sections of this page. For a front kick, the knee will be brought up bent and pointing towards the target; a round house kick, the knee will be bent compressed on a horizontal plane also pointing towards the target; a side kick, the knee will be bent compressed with the knee directly in alignment behind the weapon i.

Thank you for always being my punching bag, for always being there when I had a question, for always showing up at the studio or tournament when I needed you. In music interest is created and emotion expressed by peaks and valleys. You have been a catalyst that has driven me to this point in my training. The kiai could be used to prevent or win a battle without ever physically touching the opponent!

It went very deep into my heart and into my mind, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. You have always made time to impart your karate knowledge with me. Track 2 on CD, see appendix for notation Finally, I will assign three notes per move, thus raising the level of sophistication in my musical language to an actual harmonic progression because I have now created note groupings that can be classified as chords because they are three or more notes sounding simultaneously. Almost every army, including the Greeks, Romans, North Africans, Hebrews, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Persians, and many others, have all had a history of using the shout to intimidate.

Each chapter should have a title, and begin on a new page. Include what rank it was for and to whom and when it was submitted. Share This Page Tweet.


kenpo thesis

In fact, they have become such a part of me that I did not notice them develop, and only now in retrospect can I view them separately from myself. You may choose to use weapons in your Form, but please have this approved by your instructor well in advance of your test date.

Literature, painting, sculpture, and music have all been compared to each other.

The piece for Long 1 is somewhat obvious as well but is more sophisticated than the piece for Short 1 in that there is movement in the bass voice. If, however, you were to throw a rear leg roundhouse kick you would immediately change guards since your shoulders would switching.

The only thing that would be considered a thesis is we have to write a sort of auto-biography about ourselves in the context of our training. Originally Posted by crane In retrospect, I realize the great influence that my time studying Doce Pares Eskrima has had on me.

kenpo karate thesis

Learning to use a weapon of any kind is an interesting and exciting challenge, but to me stickwork has a particular elegance and appeal that has had an invaluable impact on my life. Apr 19, thesiz I am currently doing mine.

kenpo karate thesis

All of these pieces could be played while performing their respective forms but the pieces for Short 1 and Long 1 would provide a different type of soundtrack than the others because of the method of translation. A list of your intended sources of information. Balance in our martial arts training is essential as well. Dance is usually movement by humans as a result of hearing music karatf martial arts movements are usually done without hearing music.

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