Li became the youngest Chinese provincial governor in June when he was appointed governor of Henan at the age of Regarding his disdain for the matter, Li’s many quotable anecdotes have become viral. He has also reiterated the importance of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization in China in order to improve its competitiveness , food security , energy security , affordable housing , and healthcare. Chinese Newsnet in Chinese. Chairman, Henan Provincial People’s Congress — Online shopping rings up customer complaints. Japan can offer experience, expat says Application for work streamlined Awareness of law aids resolution Air Force units explore new airspace Low wages and lack of respect responsible for kindergarten abuse, experts say.

They are outnumbered by colleagues with training in economics, finance and business management. Myles Brown Lab — Publications Topic: Retrieved 4 June November , Li meets the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Archived from the original on 23 January Wikimedia Commons has media related to Li Keqiang. South China Morning Post.

Data from Connected China shows an increasing emphasis on provincial-level party leadership experience for Politburo members.

The Chinese premier’s comments caused consternation in China’s pen industry — which was not used to being the topic of mainstream political conversation. The current Politburo has only four engineers.

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Dandelion helping to sow the seeds phv stability for members Cover story Visa change may boost tourism to US The wrong side of the road Building ban begins to bite Villagers call on Japan to atone for massacre. He is also the second-ranked member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Chinathe de facto top decision-making body of the country.

That stands in stark contrast with members of the 14th Politburo formed in In the current Politburo, 19 of the 25 have held or currently hold a provincial post at this level, including Sun Zhengcai who is party secretary in Chongqing.


Retrieved 26 August Archived from the original on 1 December Other experts noted the need for sufficient economic growth to create the jobs needed to support urbanization, so there should not be an overly aggressive target for urbanization.

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As he was expected to become Premier, this was a shift from previous convention on the PSC set in whereby the Premier ranked third, after the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congresswho ranked second. Retrieved 15 March Li has focused his attention on China to move towards a consumption based economy tehsis of relying on export led growth. Li’s first major appearance internationally was at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The current Politburo also features nine members with masters degrees and three with other higher degrees.

China premier calls for ‘human focus’ to urbanization plan – Reuters

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. Political leaders of Henan since Li assumed the post of Premier inand has facilitated the Chinese government’s shifting of priorities from export-led growth to a greater focus on internal consumption. Retrieved 31 January Li, who wrote a doctoral thesis on urbanization in the early s, keaiang the government should first identify areas of consensus, such as the redevelopment of slum communities on the edge of cities, as a base for further steps towards urbanization, the phhd said.

Inonly nine of 23 Politburo members served as a provincial or municipal-level party chief. How China’s next prime minister keeps tabs on its economy”.

He earned a Doctor of Philosophy PhD in economics inand the prominent economist Li Yining no relation was his doctoral advisor.


Online shopping rings up customer complaints. This rank order ostensibly signaled that it would be Xi, not Li, who would eventually succeed Hu as party General Secretary and President. Director of the Three Gorges Project Committee — Director of the Central Institutional Organization Commission —present.

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Retrieved 15 October keqianh Li Keqiang is one of the 4 authors. In addition, Li was the principal lieutenant to Premier Wen Jiabao in the broad portfolios of climate change, energy, information technology, northeastern China revitalization, and developing the Chinese far west.

li keqiang phd thesis

Import expo to focus on advanced tech SME mobile market platform receives first clients China top importer of US soybeans Air China opens direct route from Beijing to Barcelona Insurance-based trust launched.

Likonomics consisted of a three-prong approach that included the across-the-board reduction of debt, an end to massive stimulus practices of the Wen Jiabao government, and structural reforms. During his visit to Pakistan he met with top leadership of country and expressed his views “As Pakistan’s closest friend and brother, we would like to provide as much assistance as we can for the Pakistani side”.

Ten years ago, 15 of the 20 college-educated members of the Politburo were trained in engineering or the physical sciences. He is known to study economic statistics and routinely questions the reliability of the data he works with.

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