The first, presented in Noel Behn’s “Lindbergh: For the e-published version of this thesis go to: This “missing” board was discovered after several previous searches. The search for the child ended on May, 12, , when a truck driver, stopping to relieve himself in the woods about two miles from the Lindbergh home, found the decomposed body of an infant partially buried in a pile of leaves. The author does little to prove his thesis except to ask “why didn’t this or Free charles lindbergh Essays and Papers -… that happen” questions.

It was very crude, causing most people who knew woodworking to believe that no carpenter had ever made it. Lindburgh found financial backers, and a company to built a custom plane for him to do the job. The cover-up theory, however, explains Lindbergh’s behavior, and a few other questions unanswered by the arrest and conviction of Hauptmann. The theory is that the ladder broke when he was escaping the house. He grew up on a farm in Little Falls, Minnesota.

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Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours The child’s sexual organs had been eaten away, but there was evidence of a skull fracture, as though the child had been dropped from a ladder.

And in this theory, only one person had to keep a dreadful secret and perjure himself. This “missing” board was discovered after several previous searches. For those who doubt this, consider two things. When the butler came to report, he found Lindbergh sitting in his car. If he was using a pay phone to contact Jafsie, he probably would use something more portable than a closet board to record the number on.

The second theory, on its face, is even more incredible: However, to accept this theory, one must also accept that not only Lindbergh but the entire Morrow family, and the staffs of both households were involved in the cover-up, and that they all lied on the witness stand, knowingly sending an innocent man to his death.


He let the joke go on for 20 terrifying minutes before confessing. However, I die with no malice or hatred in my heart. He grew up on a farm in Little Falls, Minnesota. On the time card which allegedly showed that Hauptmann had not worked that day, all other workers who were absent were marked with a line of zeros. She reported this first to Anne Morrow Lindbergh, the child’s mother, then they went to Colonel Lindbergh’s room. Bruno Richard Hauptmann was guilty for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh Jr and it was a righteous act that he was arrested and executed.

Condon identified Hauptmann in court as the man with whom he negotiated the ransom. The Crime”, is that the child was murdered by Anne’s sister, Elizabeth Morrow.

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Anne Lindbergh and Betty Gow both admited to searching the room when they first discovered that the child was missing, but when police arrived on the scene, their fingerprints were missing, too. Police would never think to check his alibi, to see why he arrived home an hour later than usual that night. And why was it left on the windowsill, when the criminal was already burdened with the child, instead of in the crib, which would have been the logical place to put it?

Lindbergh denied having the child, and accompanied his wife to the nursery.

lindbergh kidnapping thesis

Contemporary handwriting experts appear to concur that the first ransom note was written by a different person than those that followed. CrimeResearch Paper The book opens with a criticism of Lindbergh’s life, much of which is kidnappibg Crime of the Century: Black Union soldiers kidnapped for the Neo. Bruno Hauptmann was guilty of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder and should have been executed.


Hauptmann entered the home through linfbergh nursery window by a homemade ladder. Upon being turned in, the police tracked the license plate and found it belonged to Hauptmann. He didn’t even find Lindbergh’s prints, or those of the nursemaid or Anne Lindbergh, who had searched the room before police arrival incidentally, failing to notice the ransom note.

lindbergh kidnapping thesis

This was a voice that Lindbergh heard, only once, two years earlier, from a distance of several hundred feet, shouting only syllables — either “hey, Doc!

He was paid up front, regardless of the outcome of the trial. In the late s, when Lindbergh openly associated with Nazis, and made many public statements about the desirability of a Master Race here in America, there were some fitful rumors that Lindbergh had killed his own child because it was genetically defective — retarded.

The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case archive is open to the public and hhesis for. Scott Berg discussed his book [Lindbergh], published by Berkley Trade.

Also, the wood from his attic was used to construct the ladder. Scaduto seemed to question this protective instinct, despite his apparent acceptance of a kidnapping theory. The author does little to prove his thesis except to ask “why didn’t this or Free charles lindbergh Essays and Papers -… that happen” questions.

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