Computer Science and Molecular Biology A separate fee is required for each application. Computer Science and Engineering Do not trust anyone else to hand carry the grade sheet or let it be sent in the Institute mail. When to start 9. The applicaton fee helps to defray the cost of processing applications. Try to meet faculty, research scientists, and other students, and find out about what they are doing.

The online system requires you to pay with a credit card. The application consists of four parts: Need to find something MIT? To check their admission result, applicants can log into their online account around the middle of February. Who is eligible to apply to EECS?

Try to anticipate and work around these problems, avoiding projects that thesos excessively interwoven with theses that can’t really be started until somebody else makes something work. Read this graduate admissions information letter. Questions not answered by the FAQs? This academic year’s deadlines are listed on the front page of this document. The team is dedicated to promoting alternatively deadlind vehicles. To begin this process, speak to the Graduate Administrators in both departments.

Is there a dual degree program in EECS and management? Is the application fee ever waived or deferred?


mit eecs thesis deadline

Next term can tesis almost as good as next week. Students should NOT give up at the deadline, but should hand in their theses as fast as possible. Develop a detailed outline with lots of notes, a list of figures, a reasonable format there’s no single correct formatbibliography. What documents are necessary for applying to EECS?


The application consists of four parts: The library can help students to approach topics, to perform on-line searches, and to assist with indexes, abstracts, and citations. Decisions on financial aid are mailed between late February and April 1. Dina was awarded the fellowship twice for both the academic years and Jouya Jadidian has been selected as the Arthur H. On the front cover of each binder, tape a label containing your name.

mit eecs thesis deadline

To check their admission result, applicants can log into their online account around the middle of February. Your project will evolve as you progress. The Department has little or no funding available for general thesis support. As coaches and mediators, they help analyze issues and situations brought forth by students ,it identify appropriate courses of action. Submit only two 2 copies of your thesis.

Many students fail to graduate on time because their theses are not complete. Think flexibly about altering your project to avoid this, but NOT by enlarging it to include other people’s projects!


How do I pay the application fee? Two degrees in two years. Who is eligible to apply to EECS?

Graduate Admissions

If you do not have a Master’s degree when you apply, you will get that degree first before proceeding to the PhD. Sample 6-A Title Page Skip to main content.

mit eecs thesis deadline

With the new online procedure for evaluating applications, it is necessary for us to view all the grades online if they do not appear on your transcript. Do NOT call us or email to check the deadline: Special parts which have to be ordered can cause delays of weeks or months. Go to the Barker Engineering Library and read theses similar to yours for good ideas about presentation, tone, etc. Note that supervisors will expect a first draft of the thesis document well in advance of the deadline.

It is never waived and must be paid in U.

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