Thus, a sexual offending history, spousal homicide, domestic violence and psychopathy were considered by some participants as key in their constructions of the risk posed by patient sexuality. This was then piloted on a small number of clinical staff and revised in accordance to feedback. The fact that an inpatient could be come pregnant within a psychiatric facility was an illustration of this ill-informed, possibly impulsive action. American Journal of Psychotherapy. Implications of this study This study identified several clinical strategies to address the issue of patient sexuality proactively. At the same time being reminded of the fact that it is against policy to facilitate it. The Psychiatrist

Thus, the question of liberalism became equated by some as a question of differing ‘cultural’ attitudes among the ward staff. Journal of Health Management, 8 1 The selection of themes was based on prevalence and salience in addressing the research question. All eight psychologists were of senior grade. Psychiatr Serv, 54 3: Importantly in spite of the liberal views held by senior clinicians there was an acceptance that the sexual culture of psychiatric hospitals was ultra conservative and prohibitive in its essence. Nurse and patient views.

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We will be looking for a balanced viewpoint and expression. Many of the participants also believed that young male patients of child-bearing age did not conceive of celibacy as a viable option.

You see patients who are homophobic…Do those views go unchallenged? In the absence of training and supervision they are likely to rely on personal or direct professional experience to inform their perspectives on patient sexuality.

AIM OF THE STUDY We sought to examine the attitudes of psychiatrists and psychologists to inpatient sexual behaviour and their knowledge about institutional policies, their willingness, or otherwise, to permit sexual relationships involving patients, or conjugal visits from external partners. How many times have they had sex? As a result of there being an avoidance of clear policies outlining anti- discriminatory practices amongst mental health professionals, many of the professionals here felt that discrimination nonetheless were manifest in the behaviour and attitudes of the ward staff.


Examining professionals’ perspectives on sexuality for service users of a forensic psychiatry unit. It is also difficult to generalise the results of the predominantly American studies, to other parts of the world. In relation to risk, some studies Nibert et al, ; Batcup, have found that relationships within psychiatric hospitals were not always reciprocal. This is counterpoised by a modern view that the pursuit of intimacy and the desire for sexual expression between consenting adults, albeit within culturally prescribed parameters, is considered normal, natural and integral to being a human being Giddens, We are pleased to introduce the DAS trainee essay competition.

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It is important to note that a written or unwritten ban on sexual expression has previously existed where vulnerable inpatients have been raped or rtainee pregnant, and it is, therefore, unlikely that a written ban will assist in protecting patients further.

Ruane, suggest that nurses are generally antipathetic towards inpatient sexual freedoms.

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Hospital and Community Psychiatry, Additionally, an increasing number of patients in the UK are being admitted to secure facilities for the treatment of a diagnosis of personality disorder, rather than a severe mental illness SMIsuch as schizophrenia or psychotic depression.

Journal of Health Management, 8 1 The restrictions on sexual expression may be especially problematic within forensic inpatient settings where individuals may be detained for significant periods of their adult lives.

Nurse and patient views. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This could be offered to all patients within forensic facilities along with HIV prevention programmes Kalichman et al, Commons et al found that mental health professionals were most condemning of homosexual acts.

Previous studies, for example, have highlighted the problem of unwanted sexual advances against psychiatric patients within inpatient units Keitner et al, ; Nibert et al, ; Batcup, For this reason, clinicians were of the view that female homosexuality would be tolerated more than heterosexual expression, although male homosexuality it was believed, would be deplored, because of the perceived risks of sexually transmitted diseases, and aggression. So starting to have a supportive role earlier might be a better way forward.


Gays, Lesbians, and Their Therapists. It should not be assumed that professionals automatically understand the issues involved as a result of working in psychiatric hospitals for several years.

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Click here to sign up. However, men and women were differentiated and presented as predatory and vulnerable respectively. ANALYSIS The authors assumed that the meanings participants brought to bear on their experiences and attitudes are to some extent influenced by the social structures within which they live and work Willig, in our thematic analysis Patton, ; Braun and Esasy, of the data. Amongst the psychiatrists there were 9 consultants, 4 specialist registrars senior trainee consultants and three staff grade doctors psychiatrists rssay non-training posts.

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Sexual relationships involving an inpatient could also give hope to other patients Dein and Williams, Furthermore, inpatients who are in relationships are more motivated to participate in their rehabilitative process with a view to being discharged, and starting a new life outside of hospital. There is no evidence that the prohibition of sexual contact on esxay wards will improve the safety of inpatients.

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