It needs to be considered against the performance of similar organisations. Global programme, learning can be undertaken through a variety of modes including self-study and studying with an ACCA Learning Provider Final award: Submission is not a guarantee of acceptance of your work. If you are in any doubt as to whether you meet the English language requirements of the degree programme, please check with ACCA at students accaglobal. You should not expect your Mentor to give you detailed advice on the structure and content of your Research Report or to write any of your RAP for you.

Click here to sign up. Includes makers of lasers, smart cards, bar scanners, fingerprinting equipment and other electronic factory equipment. It was a challenging journey for me because of the high failure rate of students attempting the project. What this means is that to get the degree you will need to resubmit and update your report at some time in the future but before the 10 year time limit is exceeded and make the necessary improvements to secure a pass in the areas failed. Please do not submit the entire document, copies of the relevant sections are adequate Have you used the three most up-to-date financial statements for review if you have based your RAP on topic 8 or 15 and this is your first submission or you are resubmitting on a different topic or organisation? Any resubmissions will, inevitably, be closely scrutinised to ensure that there is no repeat of the earlier misconduct.

The RAP is an example of applied business research, with a focus on business problems and issues set in the context of a single organisation.

However, a good performance in the RAP will demonstrate to your family, friends, colleagues, tutors and employers that you are capable of undertaking good quality research. The submission periods are in May and November.

Oxford Brookes Business School – OBU BSc project submissions portal

You may find that you want to write more about one or two particular questions. Evaluation of High level of Strength shown in Some analysis Descriptive and information, critical thought some areas of but a tendency lacking in analysis and shown in the critical review of towards analysis.

obu thesis submission fee

You should not include written text that properly belongs in the main body of your Research Report. You also have to provide evidence that you recognise your own strengths obbu weaknesses.


The OBU RAP Information Pack

If you intend to collect primary data from staff within your chosen organisation you must obtain permission to do this from a senior member of staff within the organisation.

Students can choose how to prepare themselves wubmission the assessments, whether enrolling with a tuition provider or studying individually. I wish everybody success. A claim is only considered complete when evidence theeis been provided or a statement given in lieu of evidence about why no evidence is available. Programme Specification document added July — updated version issued Further additions: The viva is used to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the RAP submitted and to confirm that it is your own work.

If this request is unsuccessful, you cannot try again on the basis of additional information that is known to you now but which you did not include on this form. Methods of information gathering you use including a discussion of the limitations of your information gathering, and any ethical issues arising and how they were resolved. I also appreciate our able and qualitative striker from Singapore – Mr.

The fee should sjbmission paid online when uploading your project.

Although Oxford Brookes University does not require you to submit an RAP outline for approval, we strongly recommend that you prepare a short outline for your RAP and a timetable within which you show when you expect to submissioh the different phases of the research work and how you will vee the Oxford Brookes University RAP submission deadline. Sports goods retailing — UK — May Given that some of these problems exist, how can students learn to get to grips with research and thus improve their chances of submisson in their RAP?

Part-time or full-time Language of study: This section provides further guidance on the preparation of your Research Report and your Skills submissiion Learning Statement. And without conclusions it is very hard to get to a Pass standard! You have to work very closely with your assigned mentor here and listen to their advises and guidance. Neither can you submit a piece of research work that has previously been submitted to another educational institution for a different academic award.


Please note that you must inform Oxford Brookes University of any changes in name and address that take place after submission of your project, and before the results date. With OBUTraining team, no chance for laziness.

RAP Submission and Assessment Criteria, OBU RAP Fee

Again, the important point here is that thsis your report demonstrates that you have applied appropriate analytical and evaluative techniques to the information you have gathered, which enables you to meet your report objectives, then you will meet the RAP requirements in this very important assessment area. It is for your guidance only. The simplest way of avoiding plagiarism is to correctly reference your work.

More about this later Also, during the course of your preparatory reading, you may use material that has been helpful for reading around the subject, but which you do not make specific reference to in your own work. Surname first, followed by first name s or initials be submissioon.

obu thesis submission fee

You will need a Registered Project Mentor to assist you with your RAP, by providing submizsion and advice on your RAP and also to verify that you made an oral presentation at the end of your project research. There is a highly practical and problem solving aspect of submissiion work, with some similarities to a consultancy project.

In such circumstances it is perhaps not too surprising that many of you have some difficulty in getting started; the blank page also acts as a block, as some writers would confirm! You would only be able to include the source you have actually read in your reference list submisdion in the above example you could only give full details of Walker unless you have read Jones yourself.

For all topics other than 8 and 15, please also note the requirement to base your project on recent organisational activity or processes rather than historical events.

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