Essays are literally at your fingertips: Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. I suggest your work on your punctuation and learn how many paragraphs there should be in an IELTS essay. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Considering this some analysts insist that mobile phones should be banned in the public places. In a nutshell, although the merits of mobile phones are numerous, it would be a definitely good decision to ban them in public places as it would create a sense of comfort and a harmonious environment for all.

It is argued that moblie phones should be barred in some public areas. Feature phone wikipedia opinion essay about using mobile in public venues is impolite cell phones school. Although they have made the communication much easier in each step of our daily life, some people opine that they should be restricted in public places such as libraries, shops and public vehicles. To what extand do you agree or disagree with this statement? Essay Vocabulary Topics Related Vocabulary.

A mobile telephone also provides some comfort or assurance, in that it is always accessible for contacting the emergency services or for being contacted, should one be needed in an emergency. Subjects sit, stand and float all around you: Short essay writing prompts. There are times when the use of cellphones in public places is discussed from an etiquette or social norm point of view. In conclusion, i definitely accept that mobiles should be prohibited.

Recent Lessons Answers for Synonyms Practice: Mobile phone etiquette is an important issue when mobile ringing at movies or in the libraries. Firstly, unrestricted use of phones in certain places can be intrusive to others comfort. To what extand do you agree or disagree with this statement? Concessions mobile phones should be banned in places where they interfere with equipment, interrupt a service or break rules, such as in a library, but in all other public places they should be allowed as long as they are used with respect to others Recommended More Essay Ideas for Writing Task 2 Model Opinion Essay Free IELTS Writing Task 2 Video Lessons Please note that some of the above ideas are not connected to the exact essay question for example, they include ideas about banning phones in hospitals or museums — these are ideas just to help you with the general topic rather than the exact essay question Get my free lessons by email Subscribe for free to get my new IELTS lessons sent to your email inbox.


opinion essay about using a mobile phone in public venues is impolite

Furthermore, there is also technical issue behind prohibiting cellualr phones in special buildings, for example, hospital. While writing a personal narrative, you should focus on just one experience. For the example essay paper assignment, one thesis statement developed was Regarding black officers in the U.

Band 9 essay sample: Should mobiles be banned in public places? – IELTS

However, I think that imposing some restrictions on mobile phone usages in public places would be a better idea. Even in the public transport if any patient wears implanted heart device, the mobile phone can interfere with it and it could be stopped completely.

This would keep them away from capturing the pictures of events in music galleries or taking selfies in public buses and sharing with their friends on the go.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Essa of all, it is obvious that human have rights to do their favorable things which is are not illegal. Do you agree or disagree? For example, any patient wears implanted device, cell phone can interfere with it and it could be stopped completely.

However, these handy devices are not just used in cars.

Another lethal concern is the health problems that can be caused by using cell phones in the public places. Personally, I believe that they should not be banned unless they do not cause any interruption or interference in service or equipment.


October 21, at 4: They are also a blessing in emergencies. Movile how this statement begins with communicating the general topic of the paper followed by the presentation of three main points to be addressed in the essay using action verbs presents, describes, explores to identify what the author intends to do with each main point in the essay.

Essay Cell Phones Were Addicted Teen Opinion On Aboutobile Banning Short Using

On the one hand, using mobile phones in public places can distract other people and divert their attentions. You might accidentally flip some breakfast cereal with your spoon and have an epiphany about the origins of catapults.

Moreover, people love to listen to music during travelling will have little to enjoy. July 10, at 1: Therefore this article is outstanding.

The mobile may not be only be effective in extreme situations, but also an entertaining one.

opinion essay about using a mobile phone in public venues is impolite

Teaching essay writing 4th grade. This made people compalin and a sfatff member had to ask him to either terminate the call or leave the coach immediatly.

The most obvious one is…. A good example is, the Echocardiograph which is an instrument uses to diagnised heard diseases, could have a significant error when there is conflict between the mobile frequencies with its function. They provide a safety for youngsters as parents can easily get in touch with them wherever they are.

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