Business Call to Action. Strong leadership Strong leadership is the most important success factor in any organizational change management program. Figure But, the redundancy program was necessary. At the same time, by institutionalizing corporate volunteerism via the APO Ladies Club and through other company sponsored community development activities, CEMEX is providing a mechanism for better interaction between its employees and the members of the community. In order to minimize dollar reserve losses due to importation, approximately 20, MT approximately 1.

The process of rightsizing Review of requirements After a thorough review of requirements and positions, the number of core positions decreased from to The Coffee Belt has only two seasons a year and the weather is a temperate mix of humidity, heat and cold. Nothing like discovering what you are passionate about and working hard each day one is blessed with. Most importantly, we actively invite other cement companies to join us in the journey toward a more sustainable future. Search How to Titles Subjects Organizations. Originally seeing consumers as their primary community, the company adopted charities in the cities where it had its strongest market share City Blends. From only two employees, a managing partner and a kiosk in the Makati Mall of the Ayala Centre, the company now has 31 outlets encompassing kiosks and cafes including its first international store in Hong Kong that opened in

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Case study: Philippine Business for Social Progress – More than wishful thinking

The Complex, which houses the APO Chapel, a gymnasium, tennis court, playground, and a multi-purpose building, serves as a compound where employees and community-members alike can participate recreational activities.

Sustainability plans There were caze tracks that were recommended by the Corplan group to address future financial requirements which were subsequently refined and adopted by the organization.

The majority of staff did not know what was really happening, who was going to go, why and stidy.

pbsp case study

The first phase of which was reatriculating organization-wide values. Remember me on this computer. As a result, the Barako is now in danger of extinction. Old organizational structure of PBSP New organizational structure of PBSP Old organizational structure of PBSP reflects the burgeoning overhead expenses due to inefficient systems, unnecessary positions being filled and duplication of effort among units and groups, among others.


Most coffee lands are in typhoon-prone areas as well, adding to the seasonal risks. It is important to note that these cases were written as examples of business-community initiatives. The company also closely co-ordinated with the local clergy in reviving a parish church, with the international CEMEX management providing funds for this endeavour. Core positions mean that the organization needs these positions for its existence and, as such, the organization will ensure continuity of employment for these positions and their incumbents.


Case 5: Philippine business for social progress (PBSP): Organizational change management

When CEMEX Philippines began to manage the plant init instituted several mechanisms to ensure that APO would stop being a health hazard and would not cause any damage either to the communities or to the environment. This supply development did not match the domestic demand which continues to rise at 27 per cent per year, of which instant coffee consumption was four times that of gourmet coffee demand.

These cases document examples of engagement between businesses and communities and can be used as learning tools for the promotion of responsible business practice and sustainable development. As an experiment in generating surplus, the Pbp has been mandated to create and seek support for various development management consultancy or engagements.

pbsp case study

Next Special feature to read The socially just foundation — Doing good and being good. PBSP practiced parallel annual human resource planning where they determine the number of core positions needed to implement its mainline work. The former has a more subtle and distinct flavour and is usually used for pbspp coffees.

pbsp case study

Strong leaders should make decisions swiftly and decisively. At present, CEMEX Philippines not only supports institutional employee volunteerism casr also the volunteering initiatives of a number of its employees i. Help Center Find new research papers in: When the purpose, czse and objectives are written and become definite, staff can then take on individual contributions towards the bigger goals. It has pledged 3. Salaries and wages needed a total of PhP After six years, the internal audit team has ensured that NGO-partners and beneficiaries have the capability to install financial and accounting systems and procedures according to acceptable standards.


While the task of rehabilitating the local coffee industry and saving the Barako remain a formidable undertaking, Figaro and its pbzp partners now have the right channels and networks to solidify and integrate their efforts as a collective unit giving them a greater fighting chance for survival.

Lessons Learned As a medium-size company without the mass marketing resources of larger firms, Figaro has strength in specialty store marketing and communications strategies for advocacy and education purposes.

Senior company officials and plant managers interacted with the community to show their commitment and gain their support towards these development efforts.

Dropping profitability led many farmers to abandon coffee growing. Clarity of micro and macro factors surrounding the change interventions. The following graph illustrates quite clearly the trend that PBSP was facing for its five-year plan.

This was a chance for staff to go through their own visioning process and claim ownership, much like the Board and the management team. In JanuaryFigaro now working with Dr. It is also intended to enhance international understanding of business-community relations through information sharing and networking with other countries especially those participating in the project – Brazil, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa and Lebanon.

Figaro is implementing a system of contract farming that allows for a controlled supply of Barako as ;bsp niche market alternative, thus ensuring that there will not be vase glut in Barako supply.

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