A notice sent out by Seren alerted me to the opportunity, and it seemed like a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge base and make the most of my time during the summer period. Please note that if the health of a student begins to deteriorate during their fast we will either demand they break their fast or return home. I need to make a change on my application. I am not in Year The total number of A-level or similar qualifications allowed from applicants is just one. I applied because it was a great opportunity to help me get into a prestigious university when it came to my UCAS application, but also gave me a taste of university life and lectures. We were taught in pairs by one of the professors, and I wrote an essay on a question provided by him, before going through it together and discussing the content.

The UNIQ programme is designed to raise the aspirations of those who attend, increase their confidence in applying to top universities with specific reference to Oxford , and break down myths and barriers which prevent high performing students from certain backgrounds and schools from making an application. Notify me of new comments via email. The UNIQ programme is for students in their first year of sixth form study, usually the penultimate year of school and the year before making a UCAS application to universities. Then I had lectures and tutorials on my chosen subject, Theology. Is UNIQ really completely free? Apply Online Prospectus Contact Us.

We encourage all UNIQ students to fully disclose their access requirements so that we are able to do all we can to ensure they have the best week possible with us.

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If for any reason you cannot make the course, or do not wish to accept your place, please email uniq admin. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Students who attend non-state schools may not apply to UNIQ irrespective of the conditions that allow them to attend their current school. This occurs because the application system is unable to create necessary preference files on your computer. The total number of A-level or similar qualifications allowed from applicants is just one.


From no UNIQ activity will be eligible as our longest residential does not pass the five day threshold. Do you provide Halal food? If you are unable to attend this specific week you can ask to be placed in the reserve queue for the other dates.

Students who usually attend a church service on Sunday will not have time to do so when they arrive in Oxford. I already have one or more A-Levels, can I apply? We are able to provide prayer mats for students to borrow, but they may wish to bring their own providing its reasonably portable.

personal statement for uniq oxford summer school

Participation in UNIQ is application based and we cannot guarantee that you will be successful in that application. There is no guarantee that Halal produce is provided at colleges during your stay on UNIQ as each college operates its own catering services. It helped with some worries I had about going summeer university, especially the social side of things. Is UNIQ really completely free?

UNIQ Summer Schools

The GCSE or equivalent results students get are the only point of statrment UNIQ has to base an application on, which is why we ask for them when you make an application. Unfortunately, only students currently studying at UK state schools are eligible to apply.

personal statement for uniq oxford summer school

Students summre the International Baccalaureate should be in their first year of study for the IB. Applicants studying in Northern Ireland should be in Year It was really helpful to experience the university learning style, as I now feel like I know what to expect when I start my lectures this year.

UNIQ is very intensive so you will have little time to complete other work whilst in Oxford.


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However, this all relies on information being sent back to us according to our deadlines. Unfortunately not, you must be in the UK for a reason other than education and have no restrictions on your stay to apply for UNIQ.

We ask that schools are aware of the intensive nature of the UNIQ residential programmes and that teachers bear this in mind when setting homework over the duration of the residential.

Since leaving Oxford, I have kept in xoford with many of the other students through social media, so it was also a great chance to network and meet new people with similar goals and interests.

UNIQ summer school: How it helped me

Students who take part and decide to apply to Oxford University do not receive any preferential treatment at the application stage. Each course is assessed individually so gaining a place on tor course does not mean you could gain a place on another.

You must be available for the entire duration of UNIQ. We make every effort statememt ensure that reasonable adjustments are made, and are used to planning for students with specific medical, dietary and accessibility requirements. I am oxfprd in Year Applicants in Scottish schools will be in S5 or Fifth Year. Do I have to complete my application to be considered? If you do not have a required subject for the course you are not able to apply for it.

personal statement for uniq oxford summer school

The summer school was amazing — I had lectures in the Law summet, stayed in one of the colleges and really got a feel for student life at Oxford. Will I have time to attend a Church service during my stay?

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