The network was formed at a distance from the dominant poles in the academic field Hauchecorne , both at the domestic Bordeaux, Lille, then Vincennes and the transnational level. Chicago, Chicago University Press. Goldmann Lucien []. Reconnecting Aestheticism and Modernism , eds. The SSL subdivision was built around similar theoretical and methodological approaches applied to varied objects, whereas the Goldmannian sociology of literature was trying to assert its place as a speciality within sociology. La Vie intellectuelle en France, II. The Case of Psychology.

Fragments , []; The Preparation of the Novel , []. Toward a Historical Sociology of Disciplinary Knowledge. In the late s, Bourdieu began relying heavily on literature in his effort to construct and formalize the concept of field Bourdieu , , ; Sapiro Yet it did not entirely escape the disciplinary rationales at work in the division of intellectual labour. Before it gained international exposure, the sociological approach to literature developed by Bourdieu, but also beyond his circle, was primarily implemented, complemented, and discussed by former students, colleagues, and members of these working groups. The members of SSL were the driving force behind an attempt to bring about a renewal of literary studies around structuralism and the critique of literary teaching in secondary and higher education. He fled Paris during the German occupation and sought shelter in Zurich Switzerland , where Jean Piaget introduced him to academic circles.

Barthes gradually moved away from this critical dialogue with social science to focus on more specifically literary endeavours.


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The network was formed at a distance from the dominant poles in the academic field Hauchecorneboth at the domestic Bordeaux, Lille, then Vincennes and the transnational level. Les hommes de lettres contre la sociologie. Poet, Critic, Vagabond, eds.

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Chapitres dans des ouvrages scientifiques. Collaborations and Competition Around Literature 2. La Vie intellectuelle en France, II. English translation by Alan Sheridan. Yet literature was not entirely absent, and was never entirely neglected: Leenhardt was elected DE inroughly twenty years after becoming a lecturer, which did not ddissertation further his career.

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Sociology gained an increasingly prominent place there, branching out into agrégattion theoretical programmes. Yale French Studies He also published in academic journals.

Leenhardt inherited an audience of students and ahrégation small structure that included a secretary Brigitte Naveleta research engineer Martine Burgosand an office in the rue M. Roland Barthes grew up in the South of France and moved to Paris for his studies. English translation by Peter Collier.

sujet dissertation agrégation externe lettres modernes 2015

As class reports are unavailable for the academic years andthe corresponding columns have been left blank. The Rules of Art. Academic Distinction, Disciplinary Indistinction?

Biens symboliques / Symbolic Goods

The fact that theoretically no qualifications were required to attend the seminars and that the degree awarded had little value in the academic market led the institution and its members to stick to distinctive postures in the symbolic struggles that rocked the academic field Kauppi The growth of sociology was also moderens with the expansion of universities in the s: The same applied to Goldmann Table 2.


Chicago, Agrégatiin of Chicago Press.

It was occasionally linked to artistic themes, subjected to a variety of theoretical approaches, and addressed in terms of production, diffusion, and interpretation. Louis, Persephone Rises, Unlabelled courses disappeared inas all courses were given new disciplinary affiliations see Table 4.

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The need to establish an order between courses, whose number had virtually doubled in a decade, probably exterhe explains the introduction of disciplinary distinctions. English translation by Richard Howard.

The idea of a shift from one dissfrtation to another deserves nuancing, as several disciplinary traditions mdernes methods were reformulated in semiology. In his view, literary criticism … 11 The discipline grew during that decade: Theory and society36 1: More about this picture. The number of courses steadily increased, from forty-one in to sixty-seven in This article has strived to show how rationales of disciplinary re configuration and specialization may unfold in a space initially devoid of divisions by discipline but deeply affected by the transformations of academic and intellectual spaces.

Francesca Orestano and Franscesca Frigerio eds.

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