How can I fix the preliminary page numbers in the Table of Contents from appearing in all caps? Be sure to check out the LaTeX and Word templates. Thesis and Dissertation Services always welcomes phone calls, emails, or short walk-in consultations preferably by appointment. How do I qualify for early clearance? There are a number of ways to leave a note or question for your reviewer. When may I submit my ETD for review? All students who are planning to graduate must submit their ETDs and Written Approval forms on or before the submission deadline or they are not eligible for graduation in that semester.

If you have previously published an article that you would like to include in your document, you will need to obtain permission from the publisher to use it in your ETD. Can I have my ETD bound? If you would like to talk to us in person, please either email or call to make an appointment. Following the deadline imposed by the student’s college and approved no later than 90 days prior to the preliminary exam. How do I conduct a Fair Use Analysis?

Fill out a checklist for each figure and table that has been previously published.


If you attend in person, we highly recommend that you bring your document to the event so that our editors can help you with any questions. Please remember that it can take a minimum of two to three weeks to complete the review process. Afterwards, students will have an opportunity to ask specific questions about their document. In general terms, the process can take approximately weeks during non-peak review times and approximately weeks during peak review times week of deadline to graduation.


Thus, we recommend that you use a template downloaded directly from our Templates page, rather than use a potentially outdated one from a friend. If you have a Full Record Hold, your chair tam email us with the request to remove the hold.

You can leave a note within Vireo, email the reviewer directly, email us at thesis tamu. Consequently, the templates are also updated.

tamu ogaps thesis proposal

Document Only Hold — Only author, title, metadata, and abstract are published for two years. The submission deadline is a firm deadline.

Forms and Information

Establish advisory committee; submit your degree plan online. I really need to graduate ASAP. We are here to help you produce a high-quality and properly documented thesis, dissertation, or record of study.

tamu ogaps thesis proposal

If you change them to lowercase, without changing their formatting, then they often pop back up as all caps when you convert your document to PDF. I missed the submission deadline; can I still submit my ETD? Clearing means that all requested formatting corrections have been made and all other requirements have rhesis completed. Can my Abstract be longer than words? Publication usually thwsis within six months from the end of a semester in which you graduated.

Upload one approved final copy of the dissertation or record of study as a single pdf file to etd. At least 20 working days prior to submission of the Request and Announcement of Final Examination.


How do I obtain a Letter of Completion? Last Day to Request Final Exam. Please see our Permission to Use Copyrighted Material handout for more detailed instructions. Advisory committee, department head or intercollegiate faculty chair, and Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.

If a student is not planning to use LaTeX, then they would use Word to create their document. Please see the deadlines calendar for the specific date of the submission deadline.

How many rounds of review can I expect? How do I get a copyright permission? The version submitted to our office has been approved by the chair and committee.

tamu ogaps thesis proposal

Be sure to follow the accompanying instructions closely. Submitting earlier in the semester, prior to deadline day, is highly encouraged and will result in a faster review time for your document.

OGAPS – Thesis and Dissertation FAQs

Is there a preferred font? What format do I use to include multiple articles that have already been published?

A record of study is very similar to a dissertation, but is the name given to the culminating document for Doctor of Education and Doctor of Engineering degrees.

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