Such was the greatness of Jayah who was primarily an educationist, who advocated that the most important way for the community to advance economically, politically and socially was to upgrade the standard of education, specially English education among the Muslims. Fareena Meedin nee Jayah. He was an appointed member of the State Council from to and subsequently in was elected to the first Parliament as the second member of the Colombo Central electorate Notify me of new comments via email. This heralded the entry of Jayah into the Legislature, where he continued to serve from ; ; and a brief period in

No 2 Fairfield Gardens, Colombo 8 — Rs Zahira blossoms In his twenty seven years of stewardship at Zahira until 22nd August, , he successfully produced the leaders and reformers, thinkers and philosophers, and Legislators and national figures, who brought forth an enlightened Muslim community, which in course of time was able to contribute to the political, social, economic and cultural development at the national level. Muslim Library and Association 3. At the same time, Jayah had the courage to forewarn the members of the State Council, how a section of the membership was attempting to convert the struggle for reforms to a narrower and parochial approach. Kularatne, who was the principal at that time. B Jaya was appointed to the Legislative Council to represent the minority communities.

tb jayah essay

The Ceylon Reform League founded in under the Chairmanship of Ponnambalam Arunachalam came to an abrupt end being succeeded by the formation of the Ceylon National Congress, which continued to be the prime organization in demanding Independence to Ceylon.

Under his stewardship, Zahira College became one of the leading schools in the country. Anti – Muslim attacks: The Government of Sri Lanka has honoured him with an issue of a postage stamp on declaring him a National Hero and naming a school and a street in Colombo in his name.


Panadura Muslim Association 4. When Jayah was young, his family moved to Kurunegala due to his father’s transfer.

Alhaj Dr. T.B. Jayah And National Unity

Did Hizbullah misuse his office? While studying in the final year in the Law College, inJayah assumed duties as the principal of Zahira College, Colomboaccepting an invitation by the local Muslim community. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In march he was appointed Deputy General Manager, Sugar Corporation, but in July resigned in protest against political interference. Gratiaen Rosslyn Koch F.

The reconstruction of the churches hit by the Easter Sunday tragedy is underway, marking the beginning of jayzh long walk At Ananda College he taught some students who became leading Marxist politicians of the country several years later: Very early in life he had remarked that one should be “prepared to jwyah delights and live laborious days not for the sake of filthy lucre, not even for mere vanity of name and fame, but for greater ideals of service.

Featured News Shocking failure in costly Akbar was the Chairman of the Committee that essau decided the site for the establishment of the Ceylon University.

Dr. T. B. Jayah – A National Hero | Sunday Observer

When finally the arrangement for granting Independence to Ceylon was being arranged and the State Council debating in November the Soulbury Report and the White Paper of the Government of the United Kingdom, Jayah said that “I speak with the full support of members of the Muslim community of Ceylon.

Payment to Witnesses and Jurors Committee Coincidently, two weddings took easay on that fateful day – one that of A.

Undaunted, he accepted the challenge and undertook many development projects. Movement for Freedom The national consciousness for self-rule began to emerge by the beginning of the 20th Century.


Dr.T.B. JAYA | ඔබත් ජීවිතය සැබවින් දකින්න

If such a one there be, he will doubtless go down to posterity as the savior of the Muslims of Ceylon. Jayah Jwyah National Unity January 7,4: Inhe obtained a scholarship to S.

After his primary education, his family moved to Colombo and he was admitted to sty. He joined hands with other leaders in the struggle for Independence. Macan Markar 10, votes N. He need not necessarily be a child of Western jayh, for Sir Seyed Ahamed was not.

tb jayah essay

Fernando Kavisena Herath I. Jayah was instrumental in founding the United National Party.

tb jayah essay

Akbar in the Legislature One other great personality from the Malay community, who jayxh along with Jayah in all the committees appointed by the Legislative Council for the recommendation of framing of Laws pertaining to the Muslims and whom we cannot fail to mention at this juncture was Justice Akbar. Related Articles Army Commander Lt. Muslim Marriage Law Committee Jayah was the first Ambassador of Ceylon to Pakistan, where he became so popular and prominent that the University of Punjab conferred on him the title of Doctor of Philosophy Honoris Causa on 22nd December, However, only a limited number of citizens had the voting rights during this time period.

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