Intensive Care Med ; Dipterex poisoning in 13 patients, methyl parathion poisoning in 12 patients, methamidophos poisoning in 6 patients, and dichlorvos poisoning in 3 patients. Along with these, delay in presentation from remote villages further deteriorates the clinical condition of the patient. Large clinical trials will be required to address the effectiveness and safety of gastric lavage either single or multiple in acute OP pesticide poisoning. Written informed consent was obtained from all participants. Baotou Yi Xue ;

This case is inapplicable to poisons with a high lipid solubility or binding rate with proteins. Acute organopshophorous poisoning in Srilanka. Trop Med Inter Health. In summary, this study verifies that hemoperfusion and hemodialysis on the basis of routine treatment can improve the success rate of clinical rescue, and improve the prognosis of patients, which is worthy of clinical popularization and application for treating organophosphorus pesticides poisoning patients with renal insufficiency. Organophosphate OP pesticides are still widely available in developing countries, leading to numerous accidental or suicidal poisonings every year.

Indian J Crit Care Med. J Neurol Sci ; thessis Acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain of wild birds in Korea to Hence, heart failure occurs, and consequently the proportion of heart failure increases.

Acute organophosphate OP poisoning is one of the most common poisoning causing significant morbidity and mortality in developing countries. None of the predictors age, lag time, severity of poisoning, and duration of ventilation were independent predictors of death. Experience with intensive care management of organophosphate insecticide poisoning.


Organophosphate-pyrethroid combined poisoning may be associated with prolonged cholinergic symptoms compared to either poison alone.

Bikramjit Das Department of Anaesthesiology, J. Use Read by QxMD to access full text via your institution or open access sources. Table 5 Multivariate binary logistic regression analysis with death as the dependent variable and age, lag time to PAM therapy, severity of poisoning and duration of ventilation as the covariates. Death is not dependent on a single factor, rather contributory to these ocp working simultaneously.

thesis on opc poisoning

Current review on organophosphorus poisoning. Plasma cholinesterase activity is a biomarker sensitive to the effect of organophosphate and carbamate pesticides. Nil Conflict of Interest: Hemoperfusion and hemodialysis on the basis of routine emergency treatment for critical patients with organophosphorus poisoning can improve ocp outcomes and improve the prognosis of patients, which should be popularized.

Patterns and problems of deliberate self-poisoning in the developing world. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

thesis on opc poisoning

Respiratory failure of acute organophosphate and carbamate poisoning. Similarly, in the study by Srinivas et al.

In this study, the cholinesterase levels were not assessed due to non-availability of the facility. Intern Med China ; Pesticide self-poisoning is responsible in killing approximatelypeople worldwide every year and mostly from rural background. However, a beneficial response has been oon even after 24 hours of exposure. Neurotoxic effects of organophosphorus insecticides and intermediate syndrome.


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The conditions of patients with severe organophosphorus poisoning are unstable with a high fatality rate, and immediate rescue and appropriate therapy are very vital for them. Tnesis in a separate window. Similar trend was also observed by Safdar et al. The curative effects in these 2 groups and the prognosis after rescue were compared.

Organophosphate poisoning in Rhodesia. Mortality is directly proportionate to the severity of poisoning, delay in starting PAM and duration of mechanical ventilation.

Factors for determining survival in acute organophosphate poisoning. Administration of PAM and atropine was continued till the target end point was reached.

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Systematic review of controlled clinical trials of gastric lavage in acute organophosphorus pesticide poisoning. Joshi R, Kalantri SP. This study reports the clinical emergency treatment of 68 critical patients with severe organophosphorus poisoning, and analyzes the prognosis after rescue.

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