You will write a thesis to the acceptable standards with the support of your supervisor and co-supervisor and committee. Post-Defense Procedures Following the defense, the student may have access to the External Examiner’s evaluation of the thesis in order to assist with any revisions required. Library Approval and Thesis Binding: The date on the title page should be the month and year that the thesis was submitted to FGSR for Library approval. If a thesis is found to be unacceptable, it will be returned to the student; this may cause significant delays in scheduling the defense. Your supervisor and committee will guide you throughout your program. U of R Home.

Illustrations that do not fit on a standard page size are to be avoided. Nursing – Student Authorization Release Form. It documents the findings of the research, and it is to be discussed and defended under competent third party scrutiny. See Before You Start. If revisions were required, then the supervisor or external examiner will need to send an email to FGSR confirming that the edits were completed.

Nursing – Student Authorization Release Form. Most Masters thesis take around a year to ureginz, while a PhD thesis will take more like 2 years but this can vary greatly. Read Defense well before your thesis is completed take careful note of the deadlines. Binding of the thesis is ureyina by U of R Printing Services. Replacement Diploma Order Form. They will assist with selecting courses, choosing your research topic, writing of your thesis and, finally, defending your thesis.

The External Examiner is expected to deal with major matters of importance to the thesis, leaving non-substantive matters such as concerns about style, typographical errors, spelling, etc.


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Smaller font can be used for footnotes, graphs, formulas, and other additions to the text. Marcel DeCoste Department Head. There is a student guide to help you get started. Coloured figures in the body of the thesis should include a bracketed insertion below the Figure specifying them, which should be original in colour. The Chair will ensure that a faculty seminar does not develop, although some discussion will be allowed to clarify points.

No questions are allowed at this time. Post-Defense Procedures Following the defense, the student may have access to the External Examiner’s evaluation of the thesis in order to assist with any revisions required. Final copies of the thesis must adhere to these regulations.

Once the revisions suggested by the committee have been reviewed and acted on by the student in consultation with the supervisor, then the revised thesis is re-submitted to the committee for review of the changes. Request for University of Regina Transcripts. Graduate Studies and Research. The first step in writing a thesis is to identify a research topic or area, and a thesis supervisor and potentially a co-supervisor as well ; many students will have done this before beginning their program.

The examining committee will discuss the thesis and its defense. Submission of the Thesis: External Examiner Nomination Form.

uregina fgsr thesis

If either the External or the Chair requests a paper copy of your thesis, you will be required to provide one to them. Paper High quality white bond paper must be used throughout the thesis. If additional forms are necessary, such as Ethics Approval or Request for Confidentiality of a Thesis, it is the responsibility of the student and supervisor to determine this and to obtain the forms from FGSR.


uregina fgsr thesis

Library approval will be denied if titles are not identical to the Defense documents The defense documents to be signed include the Certification of Thesis Work and the Permission to Use the Postgraduate Thesis. The student is advised to wait for Library approval before having copies of the thesis bound.

Timelines and Deadlines

The submission can be made by the student or the supervisor. This committee will provide you with additional guidance, support and research perspectives. The number of additional bound copies required may differ from one academic unit to another.

Writing a thesis can be both the most challenging, and the thseis rewarding aspect of graduate work. Checklist for the Submission of a Thesis. If the abstract has complicated symbols or notation, a plain text or Word version of the abstract may be sent to FGSR to be submitted to the Library and Archives Canada. If the you do not submit the final corrected thesis within this time a registration may be required.

uregina fgsr thesis

For a Masters defense, the unit makes all the arrangements.

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