I live in its Gothic quadrangle and know the students well. But there are no villains, only victims. I wish them a chance to savor each segment of their education as an experience in itself and not as a grim preparation for the next step. I hear the clack of typewriters in the hours before dawn. I think most students try to do a lot of things in their life. It was due on the 5th. All I can say is that I totally blew it this week.

They are truly torn. Most college students I know are likely to be working a full time job, just to pay for their schooling. The problem is I really bombed the history final. How about receiving a customized one? Why are you in college? But students like the ones who wrote those notes can also be found on campuses from coast to coast — especially in New England, and at many other private colleges across the country that have high academic standards and highly motivated students.

It’s all very well for those willam us who write letters of recommendation for our students to stress the qualities of humanity that will make them good lawyers or doctors.

I think this might happen sometimes now, but not nearly as much. I have used “he,” incidentally, only for brevity. They are caught in one of the oldest webs of love and duty and guilt. One of the few rights that America does not proclaim is the right ;ressures fail.

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They are truly torn. One part of them feels obligated to fulfill their parents’ expectations; after all, their parents are older and presumably wiser. Click to learn more https: I left town because I started bugging zzinsser again.


Now the remainder keeps being swallowed by the cruel costs higher every year, of just opening the doors. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

But something in the spirit will be missing. Zinsser focuses on four main pressures, which include economic, parental, peer, and self-induced pressures.

I do what is required to get the work done well. He thinks that an artist is a “dumb” thing to be. This whole thing has taken a lot out of me.

If I have described the modern undergraduate primarily as a driven creature who is largely ignoring the blithe spirit inside who keeps trying to come out and play, it’s because that’s where the crunch is, not only at Yale but throughout American education. Accessed May 23, If they want to row on the crew and play in the symphony they will eliminate one; in the ’60’s they would have done both.

But most of the time, I would rather write a good paper that is of average length, than a long paper that makes no sense. The pressure is being received from all…. It’s not easy to persuade such loving parents that the humanities do, indeed, pay off.

william zinsser college pressures thesis

Tomorrow is the last day for … Carlos: Although I know there were pressures when Zinsser was writing, I believe that there are more now, and there will continue to be a greater number of pressures. Along with economic pressure goes parental pressure.


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william zinsser college pressures thesis

Correct citation format for all information quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. Sure, many parents want their children to do well, so they are still pushing them in that way.

Critical Analysis – College Pressures Paper

Achievement is the national god, venerated in our media — the million dollar athlete, the wealthy executive — and the glorified in our praise of possessions. On some assignments, I just do what is required because I have so much other homework to do also. I know a student who wants to be an artist. Besides, collefe professor’s main concern is with his course.

During the s he was at Yale University, where he was master of Branford College and taught the influential nonfiction workshop that would start many writers and editors on their careers. Nobody could doubt that the notes are real. In fact, they are probably under more pressure.

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